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They already did it without bell. A Brown is a different story, fifteen touchdowns that's a lot. So I would have them around around ten give or take. I don't think they're in the top ten. So taking from ten to thirteen is about a ballpark for where I think they should be. I don't think that fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen that's a little ridiculous. Reading the defense is going to be better. I don't think I don't see how they could have possibly gotten worse. I think Steven Nelson is an upgrade, I think Mark barons gonna help Devon Bush's definitely gonna help and I think they're going to have the, the rest of their team back. So I let pump the brakes on the power rankings first and foremost. But that's where I think they'll be. Henry says, I'm sorry heath, Henry. He's a do you think the Steelers will come out firing the ball down the field against the patriots? Try to stash abounds while we're going all the way to week one patriots Steelers in Foxborough. Sunday night football. What will the game plan b? I think if you look back at last season, and say that we, if the Steelers feel they can duplicate that success those game, where Jalen see they ran it right down, the patriots throat, Jalen Samuels I think had a buck forty two had a great game. He had a couple of really key catches out of the backfield. They didn't have James Connor. He was hurt think the week prior. And the chargers game, I think for me if I were to draw a game plan it would be a balanced attack. And Lance tell you I say that all the time on our on our podcast. The standard is a standard that Dallas is key for me. I don't want them to get past happy unless you have to in, you hope that you don't have to. So for me. That's right. Go. Lands ass will Vince Williams play in sub package. I'm going to say no. Especially the dime. I think that if they have I think they have the two linebackers now in barren and Bush that absolutely are perfect for their dollar defense that they wanna run. Any also be really good for the dime. I think Barron is a guy that his tackling Devin Bush his speed. You're not gonna be able to just put the, the Steelers and their dime, defense and say, okay. Let's run it on them. They're athletic enough. They can make plays. Unfortunately, I don't think the Vince Williams is enough. I don't think that, that means if Vince Williams is going to be watching more than he's playing, but I think that in certain sub package, he's not he's not gonna be on the field in a question is the she s more dollar defense? I think that's what they've always wanted to do, especially since last year. They've always wanted to run that dollar defense Shays year would have been ideal linebacker for that. But I think now they're actually in a better position. Now, Shays years, athleticism, would be tremendous. But Shays you're never had a Mark Barron next to him or out there with him. They do now I think Barron's upgrade over Burnett. I like Bush to fill in that role. I think they'll be just fine. I think you'd expect that. Here. So to do you think the Steelers are going to use the dual running backs to running back side Connors Jamil's this year? It's getting a lot of publicity. We I wrote the article for the website yesterday about this James Connor seems open to it. I just don't see them actually running the football with both of those guys in the Daffy LD where I do see them doing is having to in the backfield in Jalen Samuels probably will motion out into the flat heal them become a receiving option. And that's when they're going to throw the ball or they're going to find a different into different targets. So I could see them doing it. I don't think it's going to be there to offense all those older fans that are like, yes, we're gonna see Bleier and Harrison the bathroom. No, you're not it's just not. It's just not offense today in the National Football League. You put two running backs out there. One of them in my opinion has to be receiving option because it's a passing league..

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