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To kind of cities of pants calculation and i thought this to these curbs and these politicians could wind up blowing up between twenty percent and a third of the municipal market so yes still be alive bax and blow up what do you mean blow up in other words these these bonds are gonna to these bonds are going to be ineffective of partly sunny uh sort of financing responsibility level no i mean in terms of volume so for example you know this year look likely iran pays for about three hundred seventy billion dollars a year or three hundred who 75 billion dollars bond sold and if you took out all these does post four categories you're probably take nearby out about one hundred billion dollars first of that volume you're going to have a lot fewer tax exempt minicipal bonds available are there any particular municipalities or endowments or sports teams that are going to be particularly hard hit here while down much completely different area because there's something in the bill that tasks for college downloads the to the bigger ones to be taxed well las vegas they want to build a big stadium and i would suspect that won't be happening now because the effective date at least on de republican tax bill jose november second for stadiums especially to not like the idea of tax exempt finance for fat cats port owners are the current existing debt going to be grandfathered in in other words will news pouty is retained the tax benefits they currently have sure paper never arrived david never go back and say gas you wish you to step down taxable no two it would it would be going forward has your phone just ringing off the hook no i think this was stunning to people in the municipal market pay had been assured by certain people that too plus tax exemption really was uh on the on the radar of the people in washington and of.

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