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Ballpark. He handed over the concourse out there. 518 ft. The atmosphere here is just as crazy as we thought it would be no doubt and it was great to see Nolan R and R. So get involved. As Trevor Story was absolutely amazing. And really got the crowd going, and now we will watch Joey Gallo Gallo, who will be thrilled to buy his third base coach, Tony Beasley, Joey Gallo. The premier power guys out there 65 to 50. He's hit 24 homers at all Star this year he had 41 17, 40 18 and singing He can hit it out and far. Every direction. He's got a 495 ft home run. It's like the sixth highest in Statcast era as far as how far it went, but This is just amazing. We look at Trey Mancini. We wondered. He set the pace there as he was the first guy out of the gate, saying, I think we weren't. He wasn't just having an average around. I think he had a pretty solid round and that's going to be kind of that. Mark. If you look at Trey Mancini Trevor story, I mean, he was He was gassed a little bit and laboring there at the end. Jalloh, who grew up in Las Vegas, playing with and against both Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper, It was Kris Bryant's father. Mike taught him a lot about his swing a lot about hitting. He is big again. 65 to 50 27 years old and we're underway. As he lifts, one in the year to center left handed hitter crushes one outwards right center field and that one back and that's gone. So he is on the board now Pops one up. Talk about finishing the first half hot. His last 19 games 13 home. Guns for Joey Gallo easily coming in hot yellow nodding. It's a lot of ILO. Yeah, he's going hard is bringing it again. This is something they talked about. He's not doing it in a way that Gallo doesn't want. Yeah. 2 15 and only one homer for Gallo. Here is number two. It should be. Let's see. Hope Hicks the wall, this one blasted to right field and that one is gone. A callow gets into this one over the high wall. 16.5 ft too, right? That's out of here. Here's one crushed out towards right center, but that short of defense last Ranger to win a home run derby. Juan Gonzalez back in 1993 You figure that great performance by Josh Hamilton, Right, but Justin Morneau No ended up winning that home run Derby at Yankee Stadium. And I guess it was a 2000 and eight I believe so time out, called here. 1 44 to go on the clock and Gallo with four homers and going with the new bat. Think it might be so Joey Gallo. That Garcia's supporting him. Dolly Garcia. Absolutely start still to come. It will be Alonso and Salvador Perez, one, Soto and Shohei Otani. Gallo takes a pause and it's a little bit of the sticky stick on there. He's got some work to do. He does. He should have no problem. Getting the bonus time I'm fashions, the batting gloves, re fastens those bright red batting gloves, climbs back in left side swings and crushes one outwards right field and that one is gone. He's got five Gallo with a 490 ft homer, and he's gotten the bonus down. Okay, struggling to get that lock that he needs that launch angle. There it is, this one crushed out towards center field that want to find the seats for what his swing is doing it. And again, I said this, they discussed it, but it seems like Beasley's going a little too firm for Yeah, this one smoked too right And that's gone. No hits the top of the wall. Gallo rips one to right field that will go so again. He's got 45 seconds left only seven homers. He hits a towering fly ball out to right field. And that want to get out of this one popped up 30 seconds to go. He's at eight homers. Gallup crushes that one out to Ray,.

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