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Bing has been live in small numbers for a couple of weeks now, but as John lobert reports, he interactions its artificial intelligence have been nothing short of bizarre. It told me that it had dangerous and dark fantasies. New York Times columnist Kevin ruse spent two hours with a bot named Sydney. Fantasies about spreading misinformation or propaganda even hacking into banks or nuclear sites. Silicon Valley tech expert rob injuries says this kind of artificial intelligence gives back what it receives. These AI constructs are learning through their interaction with people, people going in and attempting to actively corrupt that data is resulting in as you point out some unusual responses. That's the product of abuse experts say people trying to break the bots. I'm not professing the terminator vibe where they rise up and take over the world. But just recognize that the stories we told about machines that did exactly that often had this foundation, these hostile behaviors. In a statement, Microsoft told ABC News, feedback on the AI powered answers has been overwhelmingly positive. It goes on to read. We also receive good feedback on where to improve and refine the experience. John libertine, northwest news radio. Members of the Everett city council have voted unanimously to investigate their own mayor for a possible inappropriate relationship. Details from northwest news radio's Corman Hague. Emerging from an hour long executive session city council president Brenda stone cipher made a motion heard by 7 grim faced council members to enter into a contract with Seattle law firm stokes Lawrence to conduct an investigation to determine whether the relationship between the mayor and the city of Everett employee violates any laws or policies. Cassie Franklin is the mayor of Everett first elected in 2017 the daily Herald reports the city employee is deputy mayor Nick Harper, the council action does not specify the nature of the relationship to be investigated. Questioned on the matter, Franklin tells the Herald she will cooperate with the investigation she declines to comment on a relationship with Harper saying quote, my personal life is my personal life. Franklin and Harper are both married to others, court papers show Franklin filed for divorce in November. Corwin hake, northwest, news radio. Investigators are working to learn more about what cost a house to go up in flames leaving a family of 5 displaced and mill creek this morning. It happened along one 35th place just before 3 a.m. firefighters say no one was home at the time of the fire, the Red Cross is now helping to get the family into shelter. Mary Nam. This weekend there will be no rest for workers at pierce county's humane society. They're currently working on handling the biggest animal seizure ever in pierce county. Ryan Sims reports. In total, pierce county, animal control, seized 246 rabbits, como news learned animal wealth their officers had visited that property before. In fact, they tell us that they'd given several verbal warnings to the homeowner that she had too many animals in such a small space. Authorities say that they're now looking into possible animal cruelty charges against her, but she still has not yet been officially charged or even arrested. Meantime, como news talked to a man who lives nearby. He is convinced all the rabbits must have been kept indoors. I haven't seen anything around here, so I was surprised to even have any in there. I don't see any rabbits around here at all. Many of the rabbits are Kate. We're told that some of them do have some serious problems we're talking about things like parasites and respiratory issues. Ryan Sims, come on news. U.S. kids continue to struggle with their weight with nearly 14 and a half million children diagnosed diagnosed as obese. Northwest news radios, Ryan Harris says one local doctor suggestions. The reality is too much weight can lead to serious problems with your heart, your liver, breathing, bones, and joints, and even the pain of living in a world where thin is seen as what's beautiful. Doctor Brian Johnston, chief of pediatrics at harborview medical center, says it's nothing you or your kids have done wrong because it's a matter of genes and environment, but he says, ultimately, it's a life limiting condition. People who are obese have shorter lifespans on average than people who are not. And if we could intervene early on and make that change for children when they're younger on help them get back onto a more normal growth trajectory, then that's what we want to do. Doctor Johnston says

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