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So her is about a character named theodor swomley kambli humbly i know at twelve thirty oh yeah yeah tyler humbly shut a tyler humbly employees that's cool anyways anyway so theodore play by walking phoenix this is a kind of distant future near future society the turing test has been passed in this feature yes and he works at a website called beautiful handwritten letters dot com i'm going to stop you right there i here's a trope that i find stupid of like versatile that's a business that will never it's like what is the quickest shorthand way to say he's a sense he little boy like like they do the same they do have very very similar thing in five hundred days of summer with joseph gordon levitt character where they're like he works at greeting card company he'll little sensitive and then they lay it on hick with the twelve he's like i think boys should cry on bush cry and i write handwritten letters and i just like fuck off metal window anyway sorry i just want to beautiful handwritten letters dot com and it redirects you to warner brothers dot com backslash her anyone's curious i should've done something right does redirects so he works at this place and he's a sense that he's a writer and he's also going through a divorce and he's melancholy and he plays that line out baffle hank to see a movie that i know i liked have part where it goes play melancholy i five minutes he's like he does yeah play melancholy songs and he goes play another mill is really shot up what is wrong it is crazy that has that and then there's other parts of the movie that aren't you think that should be if the move is going to be that it should be stupid all the way through yeah that was like a moment of humor that i was like oh this is going to be kind of a common and then it's not really theater twenty and bikes tension kind of spike jones just seem blissfully unaware of how goofy some of his some of the things he's sad about this because he has a job that he's good at that people just can't stop complimenting him on how good at his job he is he has this massive apartment with these huge glass windows where he masturbaters every night and it's and he's like play melancholy song it's like i you can miss me with empathy for this character he's fought like i get you know he's going through divorce that is exported that makes sense but like in two thousand thirteen this is still a very sympathetic character like this guy with a great job and a phone that he had sex with yeah so this is a world where like technology is a little bit more advanced than it is for us right now where you can like be like hey check my emails and then a voice will come in but all right here's your email from best buy in blah blah blah and yeah it's kind of like siri almost by the cut john best buy so he sees an ad for another operating system that involves artificial intelligence and he's like wow this like sounds like something that i could be into because i'm lonely and i'm ignoring emails from friends and i ain't gonna get assures or fragment ladies on the train which honestly i think makes him feminist icon but that's just me so he purchases os and starts communicating with it her name is samantha voiced by scarlett johansson and it starts out where they're just like kind of getting to know each other and she's sorta just going about doing his you know daily administrative type of stuff and then they talk more and then they start to develop more of a friendship more of a connection meanwhile he is trying to date and he has a friend named amy played by amy adams and she's encouraging him to like go out and live life so he goes on a date and it doesn't go well so instead he comes home and he's like kind of complaining to samantha about it and this is the initiation of their sexual relationship where they have they have sex so to speak now they're sort of in a relationship and they start to fall in love and i don't even remember what happens after that there's a sequence where he gets divorced from his wife there's a sequence where his wife his wife sorry sorry not going to tell the rock episode his wife is alive.

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