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Sorry I got my Thailand noon Pacific series three PM Eastern Opaque right right right. And I'm at five eastern. Today's what my segment is. So those of you want to go on the watch. What's going on today and do we don't want to leave now. But Indy pod con I believe is the website any pod conduct hominy podcastone dot org slash. Virtual is where the live events been going on since and on nine o'clock this morning or something So this going on today and so two days and lots of content lots of speakers. These streamed artists exclusively on facebook. So I think that You know there. I don't haven't seen did you look and see what their tenants was this morning. Have you looked no ever looked at no wonder if I can bring it up? So may I use this spring doing over there? I think it's interesting. Acoss announced last week that the new listening numbers that they were seeing were up. Seven percent But on the lifts and platform we were off around twelve percent. You're down twelve percent correct. Wow overall across all onerous. I think that there's certain genres that are. I think it depends on the show composition of your network In what what John Ras are there and what you know where people are are connecting to the content..

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