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Thank you. Paula Jones stood in Belfast just as democracy. Ruben monks complained that the movie had got Winnie. The Pooh in quotes wrong struck me is remarkably similar to the recent complaints from Star Wars fans about flying princesses weaponized hyperspace jumps complaints that I seem to remember Mark had very little sympathy. I did. Yeah, it looks like Disney just subverted your expectations Mark. Well, I have to admit that that all east isn't something had occurred to me and the minute I heard it. I thought, wow, I wonder whether that's the case. I mean, I don't emotionally feed it to be the case because. You know, because I know but the fact of the matter is I think it's a, if put it this way. If I was having this argument in the public somebody and they said, I'd say, okay, fine, you win. It's my round two Cinta h Twenty-one from wedding. I only read I if you put your age on our read it out, it's used to be relevant. But anyway, maybe it is relevant. When you talking about that show Robin film show Disney, dismayed. They don't cornered the market on talking bam movies anymore that they did that to a beloved classic. Taking upon everything. We knew about Putin friends to try and squish into Paddington shaped hole, but they go very stuck indeed. Oh, brother, opo center. That was very Joseph green. I've just come out of his screen Christopher, Robin, with my fiance, we both absolutely loved it. I was surprised to him out and give it a mostly negative review. However, I just have to pick up on one point. Yeah. How is it? Okay for the humans in Paddington to not be shocked to the talking bear. However it is not okay that the humans just accepted the fact that poobah and his friends could talk. Sorry, say that again. How is it acceptable? I think you. Making the point you. I think you're making a point about PU and friends being there for real. It was in the imagination. Yes. But the point is that the thing that the film gets wrong is that pool is there, you know, and that's fine and Chris Robinson. So Hello, PU, you know, he's surprised to see him, but then the running gag. The rest of the film is the other people who aren't Christopher, Robin, see them and go home. I would. It's a talking teddy bear, oh my word. It's a talking with which is never the point and they have this is actually a whole thing listening, lice still, so that people won't see that you're alive toys. So then the thing is they're alive toys as opposed to just toys that which doesn't make any sense. It's like it. It just it's wrong. And now I sound like a Star Wars fan talking about last jelly. I do. Honestly. I do feel like I've really been. Yes, yes. And I'm I'm, you know, I think about it just contemplate. Yeah. Yeah, but I never let it be said I won't tell you. Kenya thieves is out next week and Mark, and I've been talking to serve it stars, Michael Caine, and Tom Courtney will hear that conversation off to this clip featuring some Eichel as Brian and Tom has Kenny. We also to look after we're going to bring it back and get round to smoke. Donny until you Deora staunch. Danny gurus. Gout. Good. Is. If only awkward side of the same for Terry, you see is so unpredictable Brian. Psychopath is cherry sounds if you're asking me go back a long way with Jerry, which is why I think Danny, he's probably the trouble troublemaker. If you're asking me. Skin, you. Aucun only sell it low Austria. No is is, and that's a clip from king of thieves. And I'm delighted to save being joined by two of its very impressive stars. That's Michael Cain and Tom, Courtney semi Clinton said Tom. Hello. How are you? Great. Thank you. Yes, I'm not about eight notepad my age. You're looking for. Yes. I know I was upstaged as wise on this is normally I'm the oldest all last year. I was the oldest except for, but you also supporting the more impressive bid. So Tom, you have, yes, it'd been grind it longer. Yes, it definitely tell me on Vodafone ago. I've had a few weeks at this..

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