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Our next gas is a former. Nfl quarterback fifteen years in the nfl played at. Usc was a great quarterback there. now he's the co host of rogan and rodney as they dominate the airways in los angeles on. Am five seventy la sports rodney. Let me what is up. Man what is fellas are you. We're great glad to have you on the show and chris. Rodney is one of the few athletes who i covered as a player and now we work together. Filling in filling over there or come on their show on here in los angeles is a lot of fun definitely rodney. I was a piece of cake as a reporter was not covered team back in the days when he was he was a young. Witless map very very if you can believe it more opinionated than that is hard to believe. That is hard. Believe his coach. Chris way five hated the man. Really you know a rodney before we get to the football man. I was seeing all these pictures all over instagram. And you and magic and l l cool jay and samuel jackson. I mean you guys what a month long trip around you big time. Statman man you know. I can't even say. I'm embarrassed. Because i had the time of my life but yeah man we we get. We get a chance to be lucky enough to go on his trip with magic and cookie every single year over over to europe. He's been doing this for twenty nine years ryan that he takes off and he goes and spends it started off as can now. He spends two months and what he does is. He invites different people to join them on the boat. We've been lucky enough to go for the last few years man and It is fun man. He he is. You know you talking about somebody being global. Whether we're in croatia greece or italy or france. He walks around man and that obviously six nine but still he is years the pipe piper over. Well man he when he walks through the the people stop and and he's great. You know magic. He's great so he he's given. Everybody loves so trump. i i. I love the fact that we're able to do that. And spend time with them him and cookie over there and really. Just let down enjoy needed to do. I needed to marry a tv movie star. And holly roberts avi rub elbows with the big cats people. Hey ango lie me magic but it was always getting a cookie to get on that boat and chris..

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