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Myself. I tried it, and it worked. What is trying to do this carefully? Let's talk about that. The meditation seven-minute temptation, which is talking about is the beginning of a new beginning. And so what I'm doing is this, when you lists, I want you to listen to dockside. There's something in every human being everyone. That's when you come into the world spirit comes into you from your mother. You're failing. And, and the husband, your father doesn't know how to deal with it. He doesn't know how to truly love her only lost her, and that's his fulfillment, which is dangerous. If everybody in the world understood. But I just said, that's sex is normal. But the is you have to be a virtue, meaning. US man before you can have a relationship or you can always reef, re come back to the world of over relationships like that. But you have to be in order for you to be a man, you have to see that the pull of evil people are not evil people like your wife. She doesn't know she's pulling on you. She's getting something from you, and you'll getting something from her. She's taking your life away,.

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