Donald Trump, Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


Claimed the hurricanes were divine vengeance for trump but it it actually is a completely different joke the point here is that hollywood is figuratively burning itself to the ground you've seen harvey weinstein you've seen all of these major actors celebrities kevin spacey heads of studios agents everybody is being accused of sexual harassment ben affleck although you don't hear about that anymore because he is too valuable to hollywood and so it's all figuratively burning and then god with that little you know little brush brush the truck it makes it much more vivid literally burning to the ground that's quite a relation between the symbol in the symbolized so you'll get into all of that and you know they say that a hobby politics is show business for ugly people which is true the dc's hollywood for ugly people and if there's one ugly person who's succeeded in both that would be democratic senator al franken of new jersey he you remember he was on saturday night live and now he is professionally groping women in our nation's capital in the swampland and so it there have been these accusations battling for a few weeks now they they said say as people have been harping on roy more in alabama they've said what abed al franken al franken posed for photos groping women groping troops a grabbing people's dairy aired state fares that sort of thing and he's denied it he said he's reflecting over thanksgiving whatever but they haven't gotten him yet just today that all changed there are now twenty eight democratic senators his colleagues people from his caucus who are calling on him to resign this is one day after john conyers who has been a united states representatives since i think seventeen fifty one he's been around he's been there since the johnson administration of fifteen men thirteen women who were his colleagues in the senate or calling on him to resign and so here's a live feed from senator franken's office this morning.

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