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High today 91. Good morning, I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant, The top the local stories were following this hour. A string of carjackings in Prince George's County in the district leaves a man and two dogs dead. This is a very complex case that spans multiple and jurisdictions involves multiple agencies. Zachary O 'Leary with Prince George's County Police says it all started on Madison Road just after noon Sunday when a man carjacked one vehicle. The suspect then ditched that car and tried to take face. That person turned and killed by the suspect. After driving that car to D .C., he tried to carjack a fourth vehicle near 52nd Street and Sheriff Sheriff Road Northeast. That's where Capitol Heights police officers caught up with him. Chief Darrell Morgan says they traded gunshots. Morgan says neither the officer, The suspect, the nor anyone else, was hurt in the exchange. Ian Crawford, WTOP News. D .C. police will officer involved gunfire while officers from Prince George's County tried to piece together the rest of the case. ATF and DC police are investigating a series of explosions that damaged three businesses in Northeast D .C. The first happened at 4 .30 a .m. at a Truist Bank. Someone detonated an explosive on the outside sidewalk of the building in the 2300 block of Washington Place Northeast. Minutes later, another explosive was detonated in front of the building. Then, around 4 .45 a .m., someone threw what appeared to be a Molotov cocktail at Safeway the grocery store in the 300 block of 40th Street Northeast. All of the establishments were closed and no one was injured. Clean air has been on the minds of many in our area since unhealthy air from the Canadian wildfires moved in. Maryland has been working on its climate goals for a while. Maryland is halfway toward meeting the ambitious climate goals it set in its Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022. That's according to a preliminary report by the Maryland Department of the Environment. Maryland Matters reports that the analysis, called Maryland's Climate Pathway, out lays the changes and tough concessions from a variety of economic sectors and from the general public for the state reach to its goals by 2045. State law is pushing for a 60 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2031 and requires Maryland to hit net -zero emissions 14 years after that. in called for DC yesterday. It happened when the heat index climbed above 95 degrees. So, how do you beat the It's all about timing says DC resident Tori who grew up in Florida. Mostly trying to avoid being out during peak hours? I'm in peak hours right now, but I'm headed back. I'm headed on the train. She says staying indoors between noon and 3 p .m. will save you from that oppressive heat and longtime DC resident Alex says he likes likes wearing bright colors that reflect the sun instead of darker colors that absorb the heat. The other thing that's important to do is drink lots liquids. of Feeling the heat in Dupont Circle, Luke Garrett, WTOP News. are They an Independence Day tradition, so how long have they been part of our holidays? Fireworks were lit on the first -ever celebration on July 4th, 1776. Founding father and second President John Adams even wrote to his wife the day before that there should be illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forevermore. Early settlers in the US were obsessed with the technics and politicians in the 18th century often used them to lure voters to their speeches. quarter Nearly a of a millennia later, fireworks are big business. The American Pyrotechnics Association says sales last year were around $2 .3 billion. Luke Looker WTOP news chaos Overnight at a block party in South Baltimore in the Brooklyn Homes neighborhood, 30 people shot two killed. Baltimore police say the dead include an 18 -year -old woman and a 20 -year -old man, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. This was the reckless cowardly act that happened here and that has altered permanently many lives and cost two people their lives and I want those who are responsible to hear me hear me very clearly. We will not stop until we find you. up Coming after traffic and weather. How are we feeling about and doing with our emergency savings care of, or I'm Mark lack Hamrick with results of a new survey just ahead. It's 208. Get a Precision AC tune up for only $59? Traffic and weather on the 8s to Rich Hunter and the WTOP Traffic Center. Right now traveling on the Beltway through Maryland and Virginia. Pretty quiet ride. No major issues on either side of the Beltway as of late. Just the one active works on 95 Southbound up in Baltimore approaching the south entrance to the Baltimore Beltway exit 49. There's the work some blocks the left lane and the left exit to the outer loop of the Baltimore Beltway. But again, it's not causing any big delay. You're diverted down to I -195. You ride the ramps, come back north to pick up the outer loop. also You can use the inner loop to work your way over there as well. The right exit to the inner loop is open at this time. Baltimore Washington Parkway running well between the two bellways. That's good to know for folks headed toward BWI as well. Parkway also in good shape inside the beltway headed down toward the district. Into the district early, New York Avenue, leaving Anacostia toward the 3rd Street tunnel northwest moving well. No early issues reported along Suitland Park vs. Capitol Street. South Freeway both 395 and 695 running well between the Anacostia and Potomac River bridges. Also in good shape on both I -295 and DC -295 so far. They do have the ongoing closure due to the pedestrian crash. New Hampshire having closed between Erskine Street and Sligo Creek Parkway for the investigation. Again, if you're self northbound, divert early at 4 .10 otherwise you'll be forced to turn around. Folks coming southbound. You can either go on right Glenside or left on Erskine to work your way to either Riggs Road or to Carroll Avenue respectively to get to University Boulevard and get around that closure so give yourself extra time as a result. Well

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