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Orleans the battle that shaped america's destiny at 705 john rip back share the republican party of virginia will be joining us at 750 alexina cannons from axios and at eight five elizabeth schultz of the fairfax county school boy to talk about this morning good morning vince wells good morning to you lot to talk about let's start with the news breaking overnight that gag order the the nda that you had this fbi informant subject to the department of justice now says that that informant can now speak to congress about uranium one and the rush for bribery case with all of these clinton lengths the nda has been lifted did he'll be permitted to have these conversations with members of congress uh we talked with victoria tensing the other day who told us that did it who's who this is her client this is joe to jennifer his wife she's she's a lawyer this is her client she's representing him and she's been trying to fight to get this nda lifted and um you know as just to give you like a taste of what she said to us remember we were asking the other day is there any thing in the documents the you've seen as his lawyer that would suggest that robert muller who is conducting this special council investigation into trump and collusion and now we know podesta and everything else but basically involving russia ties anything that would lead you to think that he needs to recuse himself from the russia investigation and not be a part of it she answered simply in one word yes wow an an and this all stems back to the fact that that robber muller was the head of the fbi at a time which predated this rainy on one cell at a time when the fbi was investigating the fact that there was racketeering and a bribery going on in order to influence the united states uranium market by the russians by the russians were interested in in so much more control of the world's uranium reserves ultimately ending up and that uranium one deal approved by hillary clinton eric holder and others that and handed over twenty percent of the nation's uranium reserves to russian control of america's uranium reserves to.

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