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Game changing innovations like that try hot 5 K putter. I'm telling you about what the legendary white hot insert, it's an example of why the best players in the world rely on Odyssey putters when it matters most. See what makes Odyssey the number one putter on tour at Odyssey golf dot com. Let's talk some NCAA tournament with a kid that looks like I went to summer camp with. When we come back back here in the rich eisen show 8 four four two O four rich number of doll. I just only know one speed folks that's it. Joining us here on the rich eyes and show for the first time. I'm pleased to have him here talking about March Madness. CBS basketball insider of, again, college basketball insider of CBS sports and the host of the college hoops today podcast joining us in the middle of a very busy time of March Madness. John rothstein how are you doing, John? Good. What do you mean? Yep, you got it. So what's the story of this tournament right now? Considers the story of this tournament right now. A one I think that you can say when you split the atom reach might be more impressive than UMBC beating Virginia in 2018 when you look at that upset for UMBC. Deandre hunter, who was an interval part of Virginia winning a national championship in 2019, was unavailable to play during that run because of an injury, you look at Saint Peter's and the limited resources that this program has, being in the heart of Jersey City, being home demand risk. I learned Saint Peter's last went to the NCAA term in 2011. They had two full-time assistants and the third assistant was only able to take the job because he had a pension from the United States Air Force. And for that theme to go toe to toe with Kentucky and then beat Murray state has seen that one 30 game from wire or wire and the round of 32 this to me is one of the more miraculous ones that we've seen in the history of the greatest event in sports. So then the question is, though, is how much further you think they can go? That's the magic question, right? Well, I think, you know, I think obviously every game that we see them win will be a surprise from here on out. I think the one thing you obviously have to evaluate when you see a team from a mid major level is how are they going to match up with guys who have certain size on the front line, Kentucky, obviously an Oscar she waved by the size and the girth of Purdue up front with Zach edi and Caribbean Williams I believe will be the end of the line this week at Philadelphia. Okay, so then which team do you think is a low seed has the best chance to go on a more magical run than the one that Saint Peter's is on right now? Miami because of guard playing outreach, you know, this is our first time chatting, but since we're going to empty the fucker right now, I am a big, big, rocky fan. And you remember in rocky three when Apollo creed off to rocky after he lost a clever link, he said, the way to get it back was to go back to the beginning. When Jim Lara first built Miami's program, he built a program based on getting transferred sitting them out red strand and being older than everybody else. Miami is her has some success, dabbled in with a leaf high school player. Guys like Lonnie walker, Bruce Brown, obviously they're going to really, really good job as well, you know, with guys who are on the team right now from high school front like Isaiah long, but the makeup of this team with Charlie Moore with camera dusty is about experience and aid. Miami rich starts three, 50 year seniors, a lot like Apollo threes at the rocky. The way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. Look at you, man. I like it. Can you lace the rest of your commentary in the few minutes? I have left with you here with every other rocky film, to John. Can you do something? I mean, if you want to extend it, you know, until the game start on Thursday, I can come back tomorrow and Wednesday. You know what I mean? What we can even get together? Well, I mean, I guess we should stick with Philadelphia then. Villanova against my Alma mater, Michigan. Is Villanova or duke, because now auburn's already out in St. Peters took care of the other two seed. Which two seed do you think has got a better chance? Duke or Villanova to go on a run here. They both have equally difficult tasks and I pick Arizona and Gonzaga, and even national championship games, but I'll say this for us. When you look at this NCAA tournament from 30,000 feet, it's the polar opposite of last year's tournament. Last year, we knew we knew from the start that there were key teams better than everybody else. They were on one side because I got on the other side. Look right now at the level of separation and how minimal it is between teams and the tournament. But once these Baylor's out, they've lost North Carolina, Cain just took out a great theme that didn't have Ryan call printer. It best shop walker and didn't have winding them hard to biggie's correction of the year who was lost for the season a couple of years ago the wrist injury, and it was in a possession game against creighton, then you look at Arizona. They lymph out of the game against TCU, which was the game of the tournament so far. Thanks to the greatness and the unbelievable shot making ability of that math learn a player in this tournament is what helped the four to gain started would explode like a volcano and the NCAA tournament. Rich last night we started to feel the lava and Gonzaga was able to come back against Memphis and around the 32..

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