Eric Garcetti, Venezuela, Taliban discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The teacher's union says they're making progress, but that even if they get an agreement that teachers are still directed to head to the picket lines Tuesday as they'll still need time to ratify any new deal L as mayor Eric Garcetti who's been assisting with negotiations. At city hall now says after five days and fifty hours of negotiations. He's optimistic that they have the momentum to take those final steps toward an agreement. Teachers have wanted higher pay but also more teachers to reduce class sizes along with nurses, librarians. And counselors the school district has argued they just don't have the money for all of that. And that funding comes from the state. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News. Ghanistan officials say a brazen Taliban attack on a military base in an eastern province Monday has left at least forty five people dead, most of the military, there are fears. However that with nearly six dozen wounded the death toll could go even higher. The base is in a province just outside of Kabul. It also serves as a training center for pro government militia. A local authority says a Taliban suicide bomber I drove a humvee loaded with explosives into the base and detonated it after that four other attackers engaged to the shootout with Afghan troops in Venezuela. The crisis in government continues mutiny in Venezuela, two miles from the presidential palace security, forces launched tear gas at protesters. The government says a small group of national guardsmen seized the captain of a police station and stole weapons. Government officials then announced that the quote delinquence were defeated and captured just last week Venezuela's national assembly and its leader Wong Widodo began a process to replace Madeira with an interim government, the pro Madero supreme court will to cancel that process and said the national assembly's leadership is invalid at.

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