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Replay Saturday mornings at 8 A.m.. We're rolling into a week three. In the National Football League. More college football plus the start of the season and I got to say it's been a little bit of a rough go for us in terms of our best plays so far. Mike and I will continue to try to do better. We really didn't have a stretch like this. Last year where we picked and give out winners roughly about 60%. I don't remember a stretch where we went one and eight combined. Mike tell you this card first. Great to talk to you. But also, I gotta be honest. It's been Like four years for me since I had a record where I didn't even have a wind yet. I mean to be owned five. But here's my deal. I mean, I had said at the beginning. Hey, guess what, to 20. 2020 lookout. I mean, because it's covert. Well, I didn't say that. But remember, I said Gold light because we don't know how true these teams are going to react. And I just think I mean they're talking about like Matthew Wolf in golf, because there's no crowd being able to hang in there. Well, how about somebody's younger football teams? Get the dead are getting Donner or maybe surprising people. I have no excuse, except that I've been in every game last week in Philadelphia. I hear Detroit. But I gotta be honest. The first week of the NFL I want even though I That didn't have a winning pick. I told Randy Mark and our talented producer doesn't listen. You know how bad things got? I was going to bet the shambo and I forgot because of the games. Oh, my God. Yeah, I'm working on the game, So I worked overtime this week. I was up for black. I'm not. I'm not one of those guys that out stuff of knots. Two finer. I was up at four o'clock and morning. What? He wasn't I was up in port collected aborted and I've been working hard. And I love the encouragement that you and your baby when I already gave out the picks the sport. It was unbelievable. I felt like you know, Okay, The resume means nothing. Mike has now got the clown nose on. And you know, I want to be start to be called happy because I'm having that kind of year like Javi is right now that took up Kris Bryant. You're a hobby, You know, Call me Chris North. We are working very hard to do better in the best place. Someone earlier on Twitter was saying, You know why I even give lakhs. First of all, Mike and I never used the word lock. There is no such thing as a lock in sports gambling. So you can you want that? That guy? What I saw that he wants us to give the lead because he's been keeping direct. We've been kicking butt with the aliens. But that means nothing with the best bed things. And you know what? I don't abandon ship. This is the design that we put together were sticking with it. And you know what? It's early. It's like April 30th of a major league baseball season. Right? So we've got plenty of time to right the ship and we will and we'll talk bears and Falcons here. That's the week three matchup. We did tell everybody Don't go betting the Bears when their favorite last week now look good in the first half up, 17. They didn't score. Of course, In the second half, they missed the field goal late, and the Giants did cover. The Bears did not. So while the Bears are, in my opinion, never play as a favorite because you are burning Monday. Money 12 and 19 against the spread is a favorite since 2015 They're a little bit better in this spot. Mike, you know Nagy, six and five for what it's worth against the spread when they're taking points that since 2018. I do think they're going to face a very, very hungry and determined Atlanta team, But it's a Falcon team. That's beat up. We found out today. Ricardo Allen is not going to play. So it takes another defensive player off the field for Atlanta. Hey, takes on one of their starters away, and their defense has not been good and you keep plucking starter's off of a defense in the NFL. That's never a good thing. So this could be a good spot for the Bears Get in field goal this weekend. I like the bears in this one. I really do. I would like the Bears in this match up. You know Julio Jones. It's been Julio John, He's banged up. There's a bunch of guys picked up. Matt Ryan is a kept of a quarterback. There's no doubt about it, but you know what? He's been a heck of a quarterback for years. They caught a Matty ice. Maybe he's Maddie. Too nice. Maybe he goes in there. DFL confront office. It says How about a little bit more talent around me? I mean, there's a Southern Detroit lions in a way. In a debt number. 87 who's on the recovery team, pretty onside kick. I would have fired him right on the sidelines. He watched the ball just roll around. And then after everybody jumps after it, finally, he still dead in there. I mean, you gotta be more aggressive. I think it's a tough loss to come back from so I would blame the Bears. You can you can on special teams plays like that Snap was like that, or I'd kick no mistakes that we've seen over the years. You think a Seattle in Green Bay in the NFC championship game a couple years ago. For all of that. I don't know that I've ever seen anything Like what happened in the Dallas Atlanta? The players forgot the rules of the Atlanta players didn't know they could jump on the football. I was It was stunning. Mike number 87. I don't even know who he is. I don't care who he is. I would have done a patent with him on the sidelines. He would have. He would have had to fly home on his own ticket. I mean, you talk about godless. My got jump for the ball. When you're 10 years old playing Pop Warner, you're taught jump for the ball. And you know what Huge went for death Prescott, which went for dead Prescott and for the Dallas Cowboys. They don't impress me. He doesn't impress me. But they got out of it. He played well naked now might have saved their season. You know your foreign those 02 holes. It's tough to come out of him, You know, nine times out of 10. You missed the playoffs when you're all into. It happens, but not very often, Right? And that's why you a week to already is always so key. The Bears could move the three you know, with a win for the first time since 2013. That was where we play, and on week four, the Bears play the Colts next week at home. I make it a special announced, but I'm being the first to break the story..

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