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Fast when they tell me I go to bed until the time. I wake up way to get into it. I know you were that devout. I am very devout very very devout. Okay. Anyway. So tomorrow, I'm off and Wayne will be here because Wayne his father the rabbi for real. Is actually never even knew you were working on holidays because he's back in West Virginia. Right. Virginia now. But yeah. Okay. Good morning to one at all. There's Jennifer Li I handle, hey, I know ridiculous t-shirt shirt with some dog reference onto this morning. No, actually, Adam meeting later. A meeting with cat people. So you can't quite do it. All right, Wayne. Good morning. And Alex good morning and John Ramirez warning morning, sir. The big news today cavenaugh there will be there will be a hearing on. I think Monday Senate Judiciary committee, and we'll see if he is nomination. Derails? I don't think so. But we'll talk more about that. The Trump declassification story off huge hurricane Florence. There's more news as toll thirty one and is going to rise. Oh, my God was getting horrible in the flooding continues on and then space extra and talk with broad pile. A little bit more space x has announced that the their first around the moon. The first around the moon passenger has already been chosen will actually paid for a Japanese billionaire. I am in like six or eight of his buddies are art at like he wants to do art. Yeah. Well, he's really into art. He paid one hundred ten million dollars from for some piece of art that a kindergartner drew. No. Oh, yeah. Hundred ten one hundred ten million dollars for this. I'm I'm absolutely missing some John Michel Basquiat. I'm just I'm missing I'm missing. So it wasn't Kimmy kindergarten. Okay. Sixth grader? No, yes. He was gonna get it. I just I don't understand it. But then that's me. You know, there's a lot. I don't understand in terms of arts one of my favorite pieces. It's just a white canvas untitled. Oh, ano. There's forty million dollars. Why didn't I come up with that one? Yeah. I remember on sixty minutes. Morley safer was doing a piece on modern art with this couple collected modern art, actually collected a lot of a tremendous collection and one of his favorite pieces was a piece of string that was six foot long. That was nailed up on the wall clothesline actually piece of clothes line. And it was where several hundred thousand dollars challenge you all right now between now and the next break draw a piece of art or or somehow give me a piece of art. Oh, you know, we can do all Instagram Harrison Instagram there you go. Everybody has six minutes or whatever. I I I I will do it me too. I will. Absolutely. Yes. Yes. I will Ono Wayne. Everybody's got to come up with. And then we'll Instagram it. Okay. Feel like the purpose of this is to disparage modern art. Oh, no, no, no, no, no creativity. Creates. Exactly,.

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