Senate, Neal Gorsuch, President Trump discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Democrat controlled senate at the time it took sixty six days in and that's whipped off year election process for her to get confirmed same amount of time for neal gorsuch of course put forward by republican president confirmed by a republican controlled senate sixty six days so i'm looking at something sort of within that realm of time which is why it's important that we get started with this process process as soon as possible think of it not in terms of before the election as much as getting this judge seated before the next term of the corp against have you spoken with senator joe donnelly you guys do do work together of course you both represent indiana is is there any indication that senator donnelly is one of these intransigent folks who won't vote for trump nominee no matter what there is not any indication that i'm aware of that he's gonna be in transit gender with respect to this nominee he voted for neil gorsuch to put him on the highest court of the land this judge cavenaugh has the same originalist philosophy of applying the law as it's written to each individual case and so i jumped i will speak we speak about matters of great import that impact that people have indiana this certainly falls in that category and you know of course like like i will be looking at this judge with an open mind and scrutinizing his record i i am hopeful and believe he will as well but i have to say i i am positively disposed towards this nominee based on everything i know at this time todd young senator from indiana i appreciate you being with us sir thank you and this just breaking according to thai officials in the associated press all twelve boys saved from the cave and their coach they are all out of the cave at this moment let's check traffic right now a map bear in the traffic center what's happening news i heard it a long time coming southbound thirty one from drama we are completely jammed up before one hundred sixteenth street down do the four sixty five rants it is an absolute zoo also taking a look at inbound sixty five foot roll from mlk down the twentyfirst capital gang heavy as.

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