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Then other some sad news here Exc- made several releases on wednesday. As duke vanessa borne scholar story. Who was the former brandy. Lauren and evolve as judge alexander wolf who recently loss on wednesday and was kicked. Out of imperium kavita devi who performed the wrestlemainia thirty four An annex referees drake younger and jacob clemens were released there was also another release that was announced. The podcast actually began that. I'll get to your momentarily. But some sad news out of their doctor. he always hate to say releases. Especially vanessa born. Who i felt like was a really good. He star jessica. Duke never really got a good chance at You know get an opportunity than alexander wolf who enjoyed insanity not so much an imperium All release in the suffolk drake younger. The nfc referee there was a lot of His political controversies that made its way into an exceed reportedly a lot of stories about him. That are coming up right. Now that i'm sure you could find any and all wrestling news websites but Subset news after trailing when releases. Take place in annexed w in general. Yeah people lose their jobs. I mean you. And i have gone through a laundry list of you guys getting fired and and released over the course of the years of the show and everytime we have these releases all the bag. Amanullah can't believe they really so and so. I can't believe this it with this one to me. You know releasing jasmine duke. That takes away. The any potential horse women sportswomen swimming match The brady law release. That was surprising that she had just really come over from the evolve sightings. It wasn't that long ago we see some of the other evolve people kind of making their way through the company now You know in in the as in her wolf one. I thought was kinda surprising. Because you're him getting kicked out of of imperium after killing a day. And i was like well maybe he jumps back with killian in you know they. They had some successes in as part of sanity. Maybe that can cut of re fabricate itself and in either the release happened right after this surprising but you know most of these people are good enough to catch back the independence in his. We've seen before the passover people get on the news. Make an for yourself and you get called back up and make more money actually And then this story broke just as we were Beginning to podcasts or corner. Pw insider the velveteen dream has reported in released from his. W we contract He was part of that group of nfc towns released on wednesday But there's no word yet on wintry m- found out it was reported recently. Have dreams backstage on the may tenth raw episode never scheduled to appear on tv. He'd also been back the performance center in recent weeks after being away for some time. Following some controversies and an injury in two thousand twenty dreaming not appeared on. Nfc television since losing to adam cole. On december twenty third episode dreaming been with me in october two thousand fifteen following around the sixth season of w e. tough enough earlier that year. He leaves the company as a one time. Former annexing north american champion and at one point dr trae and correct me. If i'm wrong here but out of like newcomer breakout stars. The velveteen dream was probably the most over. Newcomer breakout star in all professional wrestling. What a two years ago. I mean a year ago this time. He was coming off of antics. Champion match without coal heading arrest. Many weekend There was a lot of controversy surrounding him. And i'm sure once again. You can research on any rusty news website or just google And appeared to be Allegedly in his own way of of success and it just never transcended ever again. I i mean what fall from grace here. I o such an uber talent. And we'll never know the true story behind it all but kind of shocking. If i knew this a year ago two years ago cbs definitely that the village dream would be released by me. I would have guessed not a high hopes for this guy. He was in that to commercial with like a bunch of wrestling legends. Which tells you how high up they had him would figure figured at some point he would have been. Nfc champ would've been on raw smackdown in an upper mid card gonna main event spot super over with the fans valentin. Dream is no more louis. Dr try yeah. I mean twenty nineteen he was arguably the most ocular popular wrestler in the business. I mean a definitely. Nfc bram he was super the extravagant. Entrances i mean how many not many people t ever get the super extravagant. Entrances and dreams had quite a few of those You know does he. I don't like comparing guys. But he reminds me a lot of ways of leo rush and during the time. And deputy where you know bunch of hype and and got very popular and then just kind of kept getting in his own way You know. I just hope he you know he can straighten things out because he's tremendously talented. And this character is beloved by a lot of people. And i'm sure you know there's there's a variation of his character. That patrick larkin. Do other brand of your other mediums out there and reestablish himself at that's what he wants to do but this is one of those crossroads in his life where he has to figure out which way as you want to go Because he i mean he could do the drew. Galloway cody rhodes dubbed out there. Make a name for himself and make those guys beat down those doors to resign up or go the way of ryback and some other ones. Where just never really seen or heard from the end user wants to hear it And then finally other news that broke this evening Don callous is no longer working. As co executive vice president of impact wrestling according to multiple sources is reported today by p w insider fight fight full select cows no on executive in any capacity for anthem sports entertainment or any of their brands including impact wrestling cows remains with the company's performer. Cal's reportedly finished up his impact duties last month. It slowly been decreasing his responsibilities outside of the impact creative team for some time going back to last year. Cows officially left the impact rate creative team. In april impact streamline craved team with cals exit and there are no current plans to replace him. It was noted that the nucleus with the current impact of teams executive vp. Scott to more. Tommy dreamer rda evans and jimmy jacobs calcined impact officials remain on good terms and this exit was on a dramatic one and he worked the most recent set of tv. Tapings will continue to appear as a manager for the good brothers in kenny omega. Meghan callie worked the first day of recent impact tv tapings as they filmed their content. And we're not there for the remaining three days. There has been speculation on cal's status after he was removed from the anthem corporate website. This past weekend wrestling inc exclusive report back in early december. That causes impact. Contract was coming up in. January of this year is speculated that once he was done with the impact cows may move to. Aws full-time gig as a manager of his friend. Kenny omega our gordon. That speculation on calcium awa were now that he's expected to end up with aws a fulltime role however there is no timetable for if and when that may happen it was an impact. We're not surprised by causses. Eggs is pretty much led things. It's the beginning impact announced back in december. Two thousand seventeen that they had hired cows as a new kill executive vice president to work alongside scott to more so don callous out as an executive vp. Impact wrestling dr trae. Kind of not surprise here unfortunate because We don't know what's going on in the inner workings decals and damore have done a fantastic job re bringing new life back into the impact wrestling brand like you said it's not really surprising because when cows took the job you remember You know kenny in in jericho runner contracts to other companies And the other to his to his best friends in and even you know he's christian. Aew another one. I've done cows best friend So seeing him kind of be that bridge between impact he w opening up that that that that line of communication I think it is role. You're very well getting that set up and you know. He wants to be where his friends is. When you get to. You know a spot in your wife like dot is and jericho As you wanna work with people you trust and people that you value. So i think it's a good move for everybody. Involved allowed impact that working russia but they w allows don cows multiple shows which increases his value. Kenny a multiple shows. I i think it worked out really well for him. I mean the guy is got nine lives. You know him as the jackal and wwe. Then andy cw. The new japan is an announcer. You see making your impact. Ain't i think is is is.

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