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And you know, I mean, I guess I can't say this is why because she's only been reading it for the past year or so, but yeah, hey good for pats. They we watched the first only one his aired. We watched the first two episodes that we got screeners for. What is fascinating to me is how much of villain ELS power is is drained from her when she has to wear very dumb close. She's on the run as we were we left her at this in the season. Finale. She had just been stabbed by eve. And so now, she's like trying to get out of her apartment ahead of like, the the twelve cleaners basically and eve also trying to escape without getting arrested for stabbing someone that she doesn't know is dead or alive. So eve is really or villain L surviving by her wits which involves stealing pajamas from a kid in the hospital and then telling him he's really good at stealing. You should do it more and an eve, meanwhile is confused and having wild mood swings, which is understandable. When you don't know if you've killed someone I guess and making dinner, but forgetting to put the chicken in the oven and really just prepping a full mound of like potatoes and carrots, she hasn't even cooked. Anyway, the first two episodes, I thought were a little bit slow. This seems like it might be. You know spoon. Feeding for people that like hurt. It was good. But didn't care to check out the whole first season and wanna just jump in here. I feel like if you wanted to do that. It's probably fine. Like there's stuff you would miss season. One is really good. So you should watch it. But you know, time is short. We only have so much. And if you just want to start with this. I think that would be okay that he went else watched it. I don't know if the was that slow I kind of enjoyed a really enjoyed the trying to figure out how to escape from the hospital. I. That you had Bill L throw season one who was just like this master assassin that got into the Italian villa in and out unseen. Now like, she is in this dank hospital, and she has a lot of trouble escaping from her room. And yeah, you know, her accomplice now is twelve year old boy was in a car accident at the bed next to her. I really enjoyed that. It doesn't have any action set pieces like season one. But I felt a lot was still going on. And I really enjoyed that part of it the hospital part of it. I thought was was great. I didn't find it. Like I thought season two episode to picked up and I won't give a lot of details because it hasn't aired yet. But it has a couple of strong reminders that men are terrible. You should never trust them. Of course. I don't mean game in gay men are fine. We learned that crazy girlfriend. But yeah, it's still a great show. There's always more interesting when you see like a character whose seemed you know, sort of who's definitely been portrayed as like masterful and strong like Dave said and have her kind of up against it and try and have have to puzzle her way out. That's that's more compelling than when someone just is seems indestructible. So yeah. Still a great show. And now if you never figured out where BBC America is on your cable guide. It's also being simulcast this season on AMC. So it's twice as many chances to hedge it and watch it, and you should and for my plug. I'll just mentioned again on again with this our podcast. I sister podcast mostly about Beverly Hills nine or to an open. Now also about Melrose place, which it shall be in our next episode dropping on April fifteenth. Some really ridiculous stuff happens in the in the second episode Kelly is still around. I did not remember any of this. But the amount of wheel spinning they get to with Billy..

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