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It has been It has been enjoyed by japanese people since the edward era. we don't exact Exact how the ala's second came into the market but The oldest you know the writing sir fond in around era people have been drinking a second. Four longtime amazon is a rice drink. And that's that's the one. It's a coach. Emma socket the one of it and then we have another type about mistake. Socket custody amazon which is recently more popular The people associate With a second customer soccer normally more than us But it's both a rice based drink in a very very sweet. N people tend to associate them in in the wintertime. it will see you say at. The koji fermented rice based beverage. So your ingredients consist of kogi. Koji rice korangi rice. And and what that's it that's it that's it right in so it in the grand scheme of things. It's a relatively simple for mitt right. It's a relatively simple from it. I mean of course making a good product is certainly a challenge. But you know it's relatively simple just to if you're just looking to make a masaaki it's relatively simple process. Yeah yeah we just need to control the temperature of formation for you know koji to be able to You know actively for meant so in a way so for those who are similar familiar with sake it's kind of like really early stage. Preparation for the starter. The bill in a way. It's it's meal before you get any other sort of fermentation. It's basically like that. I eight to ten hours when you're just getting those. What's when you start to get those enzymes working to bring out those Those sugars which is why. It's so sweet. Play in so you. And then you mentioned almost like a made from second custody as well to That's like you said that. Tends to be at least in japan a or until recently a lot of people's association with almost was sekou fast in. It's strange that was at least for me. Say twenty years ago. That was the only thing that i had ever experienced or encountered in. So you know if you said almost That's what everybody presented you with whereas now it's starting to feel like the opposite whereas if you say almost okay they're referring to this. Koji fermented never which is very difference. That transition damn do you know. How did that happen..

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