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Richly deserved. And looking forward to congratulating you for your deeds on the football field in a minute here. But in the meantime, tell us all about the great work because there's so much stuff to cover that came in the Hayward house or doing around the Pittsburgh these days. Yeah. We do a lot around the city. But I'm just a very appreciative of the war. We get to do the Hayward house cover so much. We do a craig- Craig's closet, which is new very new. We partner with sports clips that we donate clothes stress close to young men that can't afford them. Yeah. My dad only had one SU growing up. So I wanted to do something the name his name that is very important to us. That's address. Good. You play good. Yeah. That's absolutely, right. And it's meaningful stuff to to a young guy to to be able to put on that suit and tie. And of course, I remember like I mentioned that growing up in Pittsburgh. I was in Pitt stadium. I got to watch your dad play. I remember vividly watching him run over the the mighty Miami hurricanes and the rain should have won the Heisman Trophy, by the way. But yeah, tell us more I really am interested in. That's hey, I was not making the joke there Cam. He should have won the Heisman Trophy. Desert. I've seen video. Boy, he was awesome. And and obviously you are as well. But tell us a little bit more about Hayward house the different things that you're doing out there. Because like I say, there's a multitude of a good stuff. We've also partnered with a kid's voice and boys and Girls Club, the work with underprivileged kids whether their after school programs or having a birthday club around my birthday. But we get the celebrate celebrate their birthdays. That's great. We all have that. Yeah. Awesome. I'm very appreciative of being able to work with these kids. And then we also work with the southeastern brain tumor association as well while I'm hoping that I will not run into you at NFL honors on the eve of Super Bowl fifty three. I hope you win the trophy. But you cannot receive it in person because you're busy resting up for the big game. The next day. They're in Atlanta, Georgia in the meantime, that would be pretty awesome. Let's talk about about the steps that you guys have taken to try and make that so specifically what happened in Heinz field. And by the way, I'm not saying this because I'm talking to you watching you in the second half that was one of the great defensive performances of thousand eighteen that I saw you were bull rushing whoever lined up across from you. You were getting a Brady's own offensive lineman. In Brady's face throughout that second half. That seemed to be a huge difference. Yeah. Where you're playing these really good quarterbacks. You just wanna make sure you get in their face. They're not gonna let you get the sack most of the time. But you just wanna make sure put as much pressure as possible and make them throw it out of a well, what was coach Tomlin? I'm sure that permeates the locker room for you guys after the Oakland game after the the little bit of a skid there. What was Tomlin's vines at? I'm just fascinated. I his ability to sort of rally the team. Amidst his own sort of a he was the guy who is being targeted more than anybody else in the organization. It's Mike Tomlin's fault. That this losing streak. What was his mindset?.

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