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By pay debate tonight. I wanna talk about what makes people unsuccessful accessible. You've heard nonni we talk about what people are successful in touch on things that i've noticed that make people unsuccessful pistol then let me start that all this is going to revolve around a concept of mushroom intelligent so the next seven thing i'm gonna cut up molo branch into one thing code emotional intelligence at the end and i'll type back together soon number one and in that particular order. I find that people are very unsuccessful. There are other confident there is not wasting than of confidence being driven into cockiness whilst being rest assured is important important in two confident causes madge errors in judgment and that's what i found people that keep telling themselves. They're going to be the best. They are the best way of this. I am the best are the ones that use full into the concept of may. I'm putting bad judgment and to me. It's always about being productively paranoid. Something that jim collins talks back productive paranoia to me. Somebody that is productively paranoid is never going to be overconfident in their full will not i will have less chance of major errors in judgment which can affect all of us in business the key to being productively paranoid and constantly a way of learning and moving forward is in believing in yourself and your ability without the need to feel that you have to shave everybody. One of the habits of people that are very unsuccessful is confidence. The next one is tip use ship power aw on something pathogens that believe that 'cause i own at the have the answers to me. Great people great leaders great owners allow people in the team to take ownership and the moment that people feel like they have something they give <unk> perform the best i can be. I don't like the woods it's my company. You will do it my way. I'm the boss listen to me too. Many people overuse the concept of ownership as power and the mom you do this. You are on track to being unsuccessful. The next one is that you think you have the answers the moment you think you have will the answers or you're the smartest person in the room is a problem successful gets touted. <unk> is blind someone else that we have heard that everyone wants to take the glory but pass on the blind else. When something goes wrong to me you win is attainment. You loses a tame. The best latest celebrate the people within the attain they celebrate success that co could people on a pedestal that lift him up and when things are going bad they bend down and drag him out of the mud you win attain. You lose the team. You don't believe that you org. Have you answered number four the refusal to learn now. I'm a big believer in mindset can talk about and i find that the refusal to learn concept. The people have a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset in order to evolve in order to be better tonight than what you're used to be better tomorrow than today than you need to be. In growth mindset got got anyway. You will be in growth mindset when you constantly want to learn and i find that unsuccessful people have a refusal that believe there's nothing left for them to learn the moment that go having to that space issues which only flies into the next one my way or the highway i find that able that have been unsuccessful so often talk about my way or the highway. This doesn't break loyalties winning you people and nor will it gets people to perform at their best. Everybody wants to feel proud of attain. No matter how a small or big everybody's night wanting desire is to powder pertain to a sense of notoriety of some sort the moment you talk about. It's my way or the highway or no way then you segregating this and this is where people tend to switch off six and a bit gucci terms is concept the full steam ahead go go gut however i talk about now and one of the lessons learnt in business is ensuring that rebecca end of operations has made the front end of oak russians. The often uses the restaurant where you might have to shifts in the kitchen but you have five white is taking one hundred orders at once. It's the two shifts can't keep up with what's happening ov- is closely in five chefs in the kitchen but one person taking orders that contact quick enough for the shifts. You need to make sure that you moving leading the rot pace for the right time for the right organization. You need to make sure that it's not full steam ahead that you're not looking behind you and nobody's there and the last one is all about stidham focused the people that are all about being the size. I want to be the staff there ever we will have a bit of recognition and we will have a little bit of public image some more than others however when this becomes your so purpose and this becomes the focus than trouble brews to me. We've had a lot of media attention of unease and at times someone let's i would. That's being theory you know showed tiny but my intent is always was being that it's not about me company and i've always mitchell we positioned myself and the media as best. We can to get the best out of the business. It's it's not the filter bella show something until to montana dot. It's about develop coffee too which on one part of that everybody else now when you look at those seven things i've just is coming by the confidence ownership is power believed that you have all the answers refusal to learn <unk> no way full steam ahead and start there will try to successful people but they're also tried to people with a very low level of emotional intelligence and when i talk about in a segment unemotional intelligence they talk about being conscious talking about motivation context empathy things that make up mushroom intelligence you find that people that discharged discharged as does tried to successful behaviors others that have allowed the mush intelligence so challenge to to you is if you find that you have one or two or hopefully you daren't but many of those traits to be more conscious to work on your emotional intelligence to tackle each one individually sedan with a pen pipe and write it down and then down knicks what you are doing would like to change because the great thing emotional intelligence is that it can change the dye you can grow your emotional intelligence just as you can go backwards if you don't work on it so if you find yourself saying hey i am. I'm a bit of confidence at times or hey. I did have that attitude of ownership as power can change like i said myself the day that i times and what did i d- gum in back on that. I had to really really pull back because it could be detrimental with full steam ahead so that was the one that i was constantly. I'm guilty tayo is that i would go go go and the front end could make them back into the beck inconvenient front so i tell myself a displayed traits unsuccessful paypal. The wasting thing we can do is not assessed selves seaway. We need to get better and then back on a journey to get better so sit down with a pen pipo guy through the seven things things are not outlined and of course there'll be other people and people have different explained but what you want to sit down and say is am. I displaying any forms of this behavior. Do you as a leader encourage people to speak up when they disagree. Would you put them down when they not being with the program. Do you want them to say yes. They never would let people have their say doing card couple to make mistakes not knowing who states pushing hot enough that i feel comfortable to make them emma stay on new projects collaborating when and you challenge iran does the leader ask people s- opinions mata- oh datta are they clear rules around how you upright within your business how you communicate these different things that you should be looking at in your business in yourself on your wet class and in mapping apple say way those traits visible and how that can change but the key will revolve around emotional intelligence time bay the best you can be. You've been listening to fill the bella and this is flash classified p._d. Bay..

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