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What's going on? Rob sister, Nino back. So soon with some more amazing race coverage. And so we have an exit interview with our fourth place amazing race finishing team from mazing race. Thirty one and I'll give you a couple of seconds to get outta here. If you are not yet spoiled, but it it's going to be Nicole Invicta. Yes. Okay. This went back and forth. A couple of times we were originally scheduled to talk to them today. We had gotten word earlier in the week that Nicole in Victor. We're going to pass on doing exit press here on our H, A P. But luckily, we were able to get everything sorted out on misunderstandings or confusion that might have been going on. So I'm very happy to say that we're gonna call him Victor will be calling in, and we will talk to them about their run here on. On the amazing race. We had our big amazing race. Manelli recap myself. Jessica lease and Mike bloom, arm as team got together and talked about that big finale and everything that was going on there of what Jessica leases calling the best amazing race season ever don't at her. A lot of fun was had by the three of us on Thursday night. Of course, also I have my amazing race exit interviews with the other three teams from the finale Colin Christie Tyler gory in the Afghan animals. That's all up on rob has a website dot com. Okay. Let's go ahead and patching Nicole and Victor who are on the line. Nicole and Victor. How are you? We're doing great finally back home and settle in. Well, thank you, both very much for coming on and talking with me about your experience on the race. I, I need this part of a big event, the other would you have going on? Yes. So we went to Dallas for Travelocity had finale party for us. And most of the teams gathered over there was a great time, and we had a live podcast over there for CoCo Kellyanne podcast, which you should come on at some point. Yeah. Yeah. And it was just a great time to deal the all the, you know, other racers in an environment that was not competitive. And it was just a great time. And, and it was a bittersweet moment to watch our our departure from the race. But it was it was still a great time. You guys had a great run in the amazing race being the last team that's not from the amazing race to survive to this point and the final four. But I have to imagine that it was very difficult for the two of you, because that there certainly was a familiarity for all the other amazing race teams how difficult was that at versity to have all the other teams being from the amazing race towards the end of the show. It was difficult. Because I think we made it more difficult than we should have put it was just in our minds all the time, but we knew like we weren't half bad. I mean getting like four second places where like, hey, every time we did they're like, we're not that bad. So it would give us a little bit of confidence, but then, like looking around and not knowing that they're like cream of the crop race teams it wasn't timid eating, and it was something that we thought about a why, and it was kinda like sometimes, like did we deserve to be here, like I know, we're working our boy sauce. And we're like you know, even just making barely some legs. But every time it's just like we just didn't wanna be way off. And so it was just crazy of invading team fun like making it further than them. What's the biggest difference about running the amazing race coming from big brother? It's it's there to completely, and I would say that amazing race is more difficult in the sense of every. Day is go. Go go. There's no I'm okay because my, my friend is the H O wage or I'm not on the block this week. You know, I'm not a target or I made it past veto, so I'm okay..

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