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Having the shot that long ago. Thanks for the question. Dennis doctors Who wants to take this one doctor out there so i think that when we talk about the need for booster shots It is it is being studied And it is you know if you look at the three approved back that we have in the us. I think the first one that may need a booster shot would be janjay We don't know what the on jeopardy of it will be. How long immunity will last. But it stands to reason that with one shot. You may have a shorter duration of effectiveness than with two. It could also be that all three of our vaccines protect us for years and years to come and no one will meet a booster We really have to go by what we see in terms of its efficacy and really try not to pay too much attention to things like way antibody levels and blood tests because ultimately don't care what our blood shows we care if we get infected In terms of side effects of vaccine For the most part any adverse events where side effects for many back seen should be gone by Three or at the very most for weeks after vaccination. So dr assume. Oh i'm gonna come back to you i. I don't think we have time to grab another call. But i will come back to you and ask you. We have had a number of calls over the last few weeks on. Ask the doctors with people who received the john jay vaccine wondering if they should go get an. Mri shot We've had doctors repeatedly say that's not necessary. That's not what we're saying to do right now. Is it even physically possible. And would it be safe. I'm concerned about listeners. Out there who may decide after hearing all this. This is what i'm going to go do. What are your answers to those two questions and imprint. We about a minute or little longer left young. I know i think you know we always wanna follow the science and the evidence and right now. This hasn't been studied and and we don't have any answers so what i recommend to. You know you've heard me say again. I love the de vaccine is because with one shot. It is able to do what you need. 'em rini to shots of the hp. Do meaning it's giving meant like your t. and b. memory cells are activated. So i'm very hopeful about the vaccine. So i would say this is being studied Do talk to your healthcare professional or by your individual circumstances but currently don't have the data to support on needing to to get a booster shot in. I would recommend. I would recommend that people. Don't just go in and get you know backs needed on their own. You know we need to have it. Be studied so that we can make appropriate recommendations and dr doron. Dr who was really concise. They're so lightning round for you. Do you anticipate the rains. Got us thinking about fall even though fortunately it's a little ways away. Do you anticipate. We'll see another increase in cases just with weather change in the fall. Just in a sentence i do. I do think that when people are gathering inside more we will see a rise in cases maybe a little bit of a bump in hospitalizations. But i don't think we'll ever see the kind of overwhelmed hospitals insurgents that we saw in past all right and on that dr shira darren infectious disease physician and hospital epidemiologists at tufts medical center. And dr sabrina. Asumu assistant professor of medicine at boston university school of medicine and infectious disease specialist. It's the boston medical center. Thanks to both of you for answering questions on asked doctors today. Yeah thank you all right. That is our show for today. Radio boston is produced by jamie bologna. Chris citric walter wolfman and amanda beland. We had help from stephen gelman. Our engineer is marquette neil. Our executive producer is hit tash hockey. I'm gonna daring. Thanks for listening. Thanks for calling in today. Do join us again tomorrow for more radio boston..

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