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Do you think this is going to be more complicated than people would hope. It would be well. Complicate is the right word. chris. And that's what i ask that he heard in the post fight press conference. How complicated you expect this to be now. He's not going to say publicly. It's going to be extremely complicated. That would serve probably no purpose for him but he knows as well as anyone does that. It is going to be complicated. I don't think that it's going to be anything. That will prevent the fight from happening. Because caleb plan is simply not going to walk away from this type of payday this type of opportunity because as much as everyone talks about canelo alvarez going for the undisputed super middleweight championship that same opportunity presents itself for caleb plant who could win three titles from canal wild roots and it's an enormous amount of money life changing money so i can't see him walking away from it but i do think that it'll be complicated in the sense that Kayla plant has a lot of leverage here canal. Alvarez made has made no bones about the fact that this is only fight that he wants next when you repeatedly say that publicly you're giving some leverage away to the other side plant and and al hinman and louis cuba stay. No that can nilo needs that. Now whether the fight winds up on disown or sports paper or both because they've shown canales Fights on pay per view as well so i could see it being available both ways still. Don't quite get people pay seventy dollars for something that you could pay eight dollars or twenty dollars for but there are people doing that but nothing nothing. Nothing in boxing. I like more than like network. Nuts like the ones that are like. It's gotta be on paper view. 'cause i insist on paying eighty dollars forward instead of subscribing to that damn zone. You know what it is. Chris and it's weird because the way it's been explained to me by people i know who are doing. It is that they're older people usually that don't wanna be bothered with learning the technology and i try to tell them. Look i'm not the most tech savvy person in the world. I mean you know that as well as anyone right. But i could figure out zone. I it's not really all that complicated. And what i would and these are not people who are stealing the signal or anything stealing pay per views. These are people paying know. It's a little less because it's on zone. Also i think it's been like sixty sixty five bucks. These are people paying more than three times. The amount that they would have to pay to watch a fight. I don't again. I don't know why you would do that but there are people doing it so a lot of people doing it. The last time. This last paper view kc billy joe saunders. They did a pretty healthy number. I i hear bayview. It is amazing that you hear people complaining about pay per view and then you have people paying three times the amount to watch on something on pay view. It's crazy but there are people doing it. So i think it'll be on both. I think it'll be the reason that i think it could get complicated because al hinman is not just going to try to get canelo alvarez to fight kayla plant. He's going to try to get him to fight gala plant next. And then david ben evita's and then jamal You know he's going to try to offer he's a free agent. He's not.

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