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A lotta people positioned in be now what are we going to learn our lesson and that actually before then it was kind of set it up with a few examples josh freeman the and abutting it's a cab thing of the dan sublime just of lolas human being from what we know i think he's a great kid and i do think he's got good leadership qualities to be fair but there are so many examples myriad examples whether it's dante culpepper who kinda went sideways because of his knee or josh freeman went sideways despite winning ten games in throw in thirty touchdowns with seven secondyear he could put down the tree that was well they were gonna cut a hint around the we know caught behind the scene a lot of stuff about that i was going to give the benefit the dow knows added only eight he could stop smoking we bail he was the word around samper for a long time uh some guys get a bad head coach system you have a bad head coach jan dynamic here uh some guys just they they fall to other trappings carousing at night they don't love football they're not that smart there's an erosion of the offense of lime they'll forget the bad cells argument that's true selves or 83 and stay healthy but we made some some guys go sideways for different reasons i just think with john prescott i just don't i think his skill set is average well i think there's ever any everybody knew that you'll set was average but that doesn't mean he couldn't be successful so last see here's the thing with dagens is how i see it with him last year i mean it was a blessing it was everything that needed to fall in the place feld perfectly into place for dag press guy argument we used to have uh uh if tony robo was a quarterback cowboys same i mean they be competing for super bowl there was a lot of truth in there because with that press guy had to deal with was of the best offensive line may not by name but by not certainly not a knows non national football league and then a running back who ran for seventeen hundreds yards as an individual as a.

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