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It did play limited the africaoil like you know the lake specially houses and tie lives they showed that of the drexel thought that was a really need movie and and let's in their certain movies at our science fiction that are like just really not connect able to the average viewer until they're not gonna do well they're not like a star wars or star trek aura or or marvel super her movie and i even remember back in the day when i was younger and i would see these movie he's there are some that like i remember primer that one got a little bit of a street credit for being a sifi movie now i didn't particularly like primer but it became sort of this indy darling and it was about a guy who discovers timetravel it was a very low budget grassroots film and this movie feels the same way where it's part of it is it deals with one holes and in science and like that hard theoretical science that's not just easy to be explained it and there's a reason they have mumbo jumbo scientific gobbledygook that they use them like star trek because they don't want to have to explain the the hard science 'cause that's going to turn off a lot of average viewers and so they managed to go round the science enough to at least make it work scientifically to somebody who knows science but it also is is is digestible for the for the viewer and it's an interesting movie hit it falls into some cliches here and there because there she has a relationship with another scientists there but it shows where they're trying to develop our basic worm hole teleportation but it does fall into subset of science fiction johner that i love which is people trying to do something better for the world that then has a problem with it and they did certainly people them lab tried to do something good and then something goes wrong now this is not a monstrous creature like splice or that movie life that came out on the spaceship a couple of months ago this is just it's it's it doesn't work out wellformulated did it gets a little dense at times with that and finally when they do we do figure out what's what we figure out what the problem is where.

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