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For the third longest within a single season in team history sports that are all night espn radio and the espn at the nfl going back to the drawing board perhaps trying to figure out that ageold question or at least the question that was asked to what the past couple of years what's the catch espn nfl insider dan glaviano to me this gets to the issue of instant replay which i think he's got his growing to be this sort of air retrievable monster as long as well reviewing everything down to the millimetre what's a catch to the ball grazed the ground cetera cetera then i think we're kinda stuck with these sanctions and i think that's a big problem that i'm not sure how they're gonna fix if they just change the wording if the catch rule i'm just not sure how they are going to avoid a situation where replay continues to show what it shows and um you know the story becomes all last year that wouldn't have been a catch so i i don't know how they six to me i mean there's who's a seemingly obvious standard that it seems was applied in the super bowl a couple of times um of hey it looks like a catch them obvious every it's obviously a cashless just not bother with it but i don't know how you change the rules legally two to that right much oil of course to cash so that's what the problem is right now they they understand something has to be done to agree that it's a mess they agree that there had been issues where uh evolve israel not a catch because the rules being applied correctly and that they feel like it should have been a catch you on principle so they want to change the rules match up with the principle but i i just think it's easier said than done but now we're trying to figure out what it touches and have things play out with the union baseball's players association agreements against the marlins the as the pirates and the raise the union accusing four teams of failing to appropriately spent remedies jerry money to improve their clubs to the guy's a pti said a baseball players union filed a grievance against four teams claiming that those teams have failed to appropriately spend money returns to them under revenuesharing nobody is going to be surprised that the four teams of miami pittsburgh.

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