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Well, I'm Boomer Esiason. Seventy. Percent off. That's right. I court furniture clearance center. Get up to seventy percent off new retail prices and choose from wide variety of previously leased furniture and decor for your home or office so fest from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine bedrooms that's from three ninety nine ninety nine dining sets from two ninety nine ninety nine and more all court, certified guaranteed in stock ready for delivery or to take home today. Make the Smart Choice and visit one of our five locations in the DNB or go online at court clearance, furniture dot com, mentioned radio twenty and get twenty percents off space, some regions are vast and empty other areas. We call closets. Fortunately, Kevin from the container store has answers. Right. Kevin. What gives you the power over space? I'd say alpha, customizable, closets with free, design and Elvis adjustable shelving and drawers, I can create space in any size closet. Kevin master of space and closets or just Kevin. Plus right now, save thirty percent on elephant installation and earn up to five hundred dollars in credit through February tenth at the container store where space comes from music coming from. An ad from dad, right? Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive gonna take these off. Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. That's not near that solid stuff. Progressive can't say to you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations. You with the rhinestone dot collar between us dogs. I just convinced my human of great to a new home with the twelve hundred square foot bathroom. I think she call. It a jarred with Wells Fargo's three percent down payment on a fixed rate loan. My Uman realized a new home was within reach. Learn more wellsfargo dot com slash. Wells Fargo home mortgage down payments as low as three percent on a fixed loan require mortgage insurance has the home mortgage consultant about loan requirements. Wells Fargo home mortgages, the division of Wells Fargo Bank. Equal housing lender. NMLS RIT three nine nine hundred one space, some regions.

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