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The verdict from abc's alex stone easing california the courtroom was silent as the verdict was read and it really wise his surprising verdict in san francisco here you at a man in the country illegally who admitted he was holding the gone when it fired killing cage timely get he was found not guilty of murder not guilty of involuntary manslaughter not guilty of assault with a firearm the jury found erotic guilty on a gun possession charge he faces up to three years in prison on that charge the family of kate stanley has expressed in a statement it's this appointment with the jury's decision still not clear win a vote could come it's expected that it will be some time today on the sin its tax overhaul plan in senate halted all boats on the bill last night after the senate parliament terry and basically the referee said some of the revenue raising provision in the bill violate senate rules they'll continue debating that new details are surfacing this morning about the alleged sexual misconduct of former nbc today show host matt lauer the network now saying that there may be as many as eight accusers abc's maggie rulli reports ndc unequivocally denying that any current management had prior knowledge of complaints about not lowers conduct before this week and jeff zucker the former president and ceo of anything universal that he also had no idea and obviously i've known matt for 25 years and i didn't know this that lawyers for lower are reportedly seeking a thirty million dollar payout from nbc for his contract that was supposed to take them through the end of 2018 embassy fired and last week of this week rather took county chief judge timothy evans is suing county board commissioner tony prequake uil it's an attempt to blocker county job layoffs layoffs have already been approved are they were part of the county's budget that was approved last week the tribune reports the lawsuit by judge evans claims that county has no authority to tell him who to lay off kit cook county has officially stop charging consumers extra taxes for buying sugary beverages the county board voted fifteen did to in october the end that tax the penny per ounce tax that was lifted as of midnight and the.

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