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Let's start by going to one of the real seminal voices in Philadelphia. One of the most talented talk show guys in the country. Mike, miss Anneli. Via the coward global satellite network. We could be disagree often. But there's three things I wanna hit on Mike, by the way, you look fantastic in those hipster blue glasses. It takes. Thank you very much. And I say, you're consistent. You're like a short circle bloody meat. I knew I could count on you today. Joel embiid. Okay. This morning. What is the city saying what do you do with him? If city is flabbergasted disappointed, and it's bordering on disgust, frankly. And I know he's got this illness excuse, but you know, everybody who's a great player never uses illnesses an excuse. He comes in into the building s today with his hangdog attitude like he's done his deathbed and that Colin rubs off on teammates say they obviously need to things they need to do yesterday. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid had to show up and play the capabilities and neither one did. So I mean, I don't know what the what's left for the Sixers at this point in those guys aren't gonna play they're dead. What do I make? It's very easy because I don't think I'm beaten Simmons games worked together. It's very easy to sell Simmons today, but I've never seen since magic a six ten and a half point that can finish at the rim that can defend that has amazing court vision this morning in Philadelphia. People want him. Out of town. Does this can if he here in a year? I think they're both here. I think that's a typical overreaction when you lose a game. Like that you want to get rid of them. Both. Does this not forget they want more than fifty games two years in a row these two guys? So it's not like they can't play together. They have to keep the core together. It's just befuddling to me how he's lost his game in his confidence. He has not attacking you watch Janas who has that kind of ability and that land that speed net strength to get to the basket. Ben Simmons is similar to that. And yet, he won't engage. We all know, he won't shoot that's going to have to change. If he wants to be a great player, but for him not to engage and get only five shots and yesterday's game. Is just mind boggling to me, that's a guy who's miscast is lost his confidence. They taken the ball out of his hands. Because they think they're better with Jimmy Butler with the ball in his hands. And he just stands around. It doesn't do anything for them. And they're not gonna win. If he does not attack the basket three quarterbacks in the NFL have come into it in the last seven or eight years, and I think they're just different. Andrew luck, Patrick Mahomes. And Carson Wentz whence, though has injury issues reportedly some people he's he can be a little standoffish a little ego. I. I think the kids spectacular. I think Nick foles is gonna come back to earth and go six and ten in Jacksonville. Do you? I could I make the argument that you have a little leverage with Carson Wentz today because of his injury and that you should actually resign him now going forward. I agree with you on every point which is hard to believe for agree with your point on falls, first of all. And I believe right now they need to and this has been the eagles. And no column they usually get in early. So they can get a little bargain. Yes. He has injury problems. But you can't look at it ethically. Like, he's always going to be injured. You gotta look at it the most positive way possible, which he is the franchise quarterback. And you get him in a little less of a price. If you any ear, and he has a great year will then you're going to pay him up over the top three quarterbacks in the league. So I think the eagles. No that I think they will strike. I think he's going to be okay is back is still not healed yet. I but there's a long time between now and the regular season. I think he's going to have a good year. And most people pick the eagles the win Levin gains with his schedule..

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