Justin Bieber, Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau discussed on The Andrew Klavan Show - Ep. 358 - Jim Acosta Gets Buzz-Sawed


This is basically canada's policy rolling stone had the discover do we have is a picture of this cover with justin bieber there prime minister justin trudeau just be rose get the two of them confuse i think beavers the one who has some kind of political common sense but justin trudeau is the eight eight with justin rose get this dreamy picture of him like he's like oda you know what the teen rockstars' something like this this is why can't he be your prison would guess what now he is donald trump is doing what canada does and so of course this is awfully it's bigotry is awful the two peoples routes so a kosta now you remember jim acosta is this loudmouths blow hard who went off on the fact that they stop the sean spicer stop for a while having cameras at the white house press briefings why because sean a cost of when you put a camera on him suddenly becomes the sharma costa's show you had shot to the jim acosta the jim acosta show you know suddenly it's the jim acosta show and he asked what had to be one of these stupidest questions i have ever seen anybody ask in a white house briefing and that seen something this is cut number three what's the problem with this rational this rational immigration florin earth of all right now is the requirement that if he naturalized yet as being english so the notion that speaking english would it be a part of immigration systems would be actually very a historical secondly i don't wanna get off into a whole thing about history here but these statue of liberty is a symbol of liberty enlightening the world is a civil of american liberty lighting the world the poem that you're referring to was added later is not actually part of the original statue 'liberty but more fundamentally history but more fundamental say not that i'm saying that law of the king into this i've seen the notion of sorry that sounds like some national part revisions stature has always held at home to the world jet for people to do you believe to this country of and they're not always and has pushed.

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