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This is the pony express here's andrew phillip pony john lady bird from fanrag and a couple of other outlets has me thinking about the way this top of the nfl draft is gonna shake out because we're in agreement that the giants and jets have no interest in josh allen so if the browns were to go in a different direction with the first pick and that would leave allen available at the browns take sam darnold with the first pick the giants would not take josh allen number two overall they would not look at him as the ally manning successor we both agree that the jets like mayfield a lot more than allen got have a quick mind gotta have rapid decision making skills to succeed in the offense that they built their it's not about arm strength there's not a deep vertical passing attack it's more east west the north south about reading a defense making a rapid decision so that's not josh allen he won't go to the giants he won't go to the jets so if because i'm trying to think about it this way if the browns wanted to take if they wanted to take saquon barkley number one overall.

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