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But I'm GonNa let him let that last long so I think we all knew that he was going to be the same Michael Jordan. He was when he when he You know before. He left for the For Baseball when he came back firing you know what I like. I felt like that documentary for young people. Right was education on a lot of ways but particularly for Laker fans. Because you're seeing the guy. Kobe wanted to emulate you around Kobe as a young man. You coached him like what? What kind of similarities? Could you draw between those two guys? I'm telling you this George. You know people that are watching this documentary Michael and seeing how driven he was seeing how. He treated his teammates and how he pushed his teammates. You're looking at you know Kobe. Whatever ten twenty years ago I mean that's that was him you know You know not. Not to the point. Where he'd be raiders play but he challenge guys he he wanted to know. You know and I'm talking about Kobe. He wanted to know who he can be in a Fox hole with you know. He wanted to know who's who he could go to war with. And he was gonNA test you every single day of practice and that that was m j you know it really good friend of Mine Dera Walker play with Chicago. Used to tell me stories than men do with punch people in practice you know but he did it to find out who who Who can go to war? But you know you wanted to test your heart and great leaders. You know have different Mentalities out there on the court during practice you know Irvin Magic. Johnson wasn't like that he would jump on you but he did in way where he was really trying to encourage you To get the best out of you and and that worked for him and it worked for us you know. Mj was totally different. You know in in both guys are extremely successful. So you know when you're looking at this documentary this is this. Is You looking at a lot of what what Colby Bryant was all about? And that's basically who we learned from was Michael Jordan. So you're watching you know You know two of the greatest that ever played a game and how they really went into every practice when into every game how they prepare mentally as well as physically how. They challenge themselves in their teammates and their coaches and front office. I mean those guys didn't leave anybody out you know. Nobody was Everybody was vulnerable to to to get. You know a tongue lashing from those guys. So that's how you have to look at so you're telling me that Kobe Bryant almost maybe one day might have thought about punching Marcelo where tests or some riot Orion Kelly or someone like that. Yeah if they would have messed up in practice where he was on. Your team know You know I thought elbows the guys in practice but again he was both sometimes. Hit you in the chest and then we get the other guys. Who's in front of just to see if you can get a reaction out the guy? I mean that. That was just Kobe again. He wants to find out who he can go to war with for sure Byron with us here Byron Scott Laker Great. When did you? When were you aware of their relationship? Because I mean I don't know how many of us knew what the depths of their relationship was until Michael. Talk that memorial service. But you around him. Did you know that those two were were pretty close not did your? I mean that was you know. Mj talking about the phone calls and the conversations that they had memorial. I was sitting here like wow. I didn't know that relationship with that type and you could tell it. Was that time. When you look at 'em Jay at the memorial and and How he was crying and the heartfelt messages that he said in the things that he said about kb as his little brother and you know the vice that he would give him and you could tell that they had a relationship that lasted for a while. You know and I don't think a lot of people knew that you know. Obviously Michael didn't make known in. Kobe didn't go around bragging on his relationship with Michael Jordan It was just something to those to have between themselves. And you could tell. Talk a lot about basketball Probably about life in general so it was. It was really good to hear you know some of those stories from Michael You know about his his compensation. Koby and again like you said I. I had no clue. They were that close. But it was really great to hear Byron Scott Laker Gray. Joining us here on this show on. Espn Byron. It's great to catch up with you again. I'm glad everyone safe and sound and hopefully we can catch up again soon. George anytime a man and make a and make sure you stay inside as much as possible to keep enjoying the family. We'll do sir take great talking to you again. My friend George. There is Byron Scott Laker great with this year..

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