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But he's just he's just a street fried fighter. He's a brawler. And I know have any problem with that? In fact, some people say we we need to fight as dirty as the left are. We're gonna lose. I don't agree with that. We don't have to fight his thirty, but we have to fight as aggressively and as relentlessly as they do. So it was how do you think this plays out in twenty twenty? So I'm will admit that I was a skeptic leading up to twenty sixteen obviously. Because the data suggest is skepticism. Trump wins the shock victory. My theory is that no one showed up to vote for Hillary Clinton, my evidence for that is that he will in fewer votes in Wisconsin that Mitt Romney did Trump did and won the state Hillary Clinton lost the state because no one likes Hillary and the dirty little secret at twenty sixteen is that it was not in fact a referendum on President Trump. It was a referendum on the worst candidate in the history of the Republic who everyone despised, including Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders in the primaries. So Twenty-eight team comes around and we get shellacked. I mean, we looks now like we're going to lose forty seats. When all of a sudden done in the house, which is lacking we are only able to with. Gain two seats in the Senate in a in a cycle where there were ten democratic seats that were up for reelection. What is your perspective going into twenty twenty? Are you optimistic that Trump is able to win reelection? If so why I'm not optimistic, but I'm not pessimistic. I thought we were going to make it closer in the house. But I don't think we got select historical from historical perspective. But we lost way worse than than we wanted to look like we were going to before. I do think that Trump has something that other people didn't have attributed that contributed to his victory. He can really rally his base, and like nobody I've ever seen. He came to Cape Girardeau for the the Holly rally, and you can't believe the way he energizes people, and he gives a good stump speech and gets people motivated now, and we've talked about whether we've talked about, but I've been reading Trump can do this with his base, but he has to go beyond his base. I think new just says and nobody can deny Gingrich's brilliance, and especially as str- strategist if he if he really gets the base multi hyper expanded we will win. Anyway, I don't I don't believe that. But but I believe again. Is that what the left will probably do in the next two years will reveal them more and more for how unreasonable they are. And how extreme they are. They might get smart and not be extreme. But we Trump we have to have a good economy. Remember, Trump wasn't running wasn't. He wasn't running in this election. But these lessons weren't nationalized and the presidential election will be obviously by definition, and they're all voting for one candidate versus the other as opposed to four hundred and fifty four hundred thirty five different districts. I think that he has a very good chance of winning. But it depends on I saw Steve day. Write a column the other day saying I'll tell you right now whether Trump's gonna win it's whether the Democrats put up somebody likeable if they put up somebody that's not likeable he'll win. If it's like if the person's likable, he won't now that kind of goes with your two thousand sixteen theory that Hillary wasn't and all that. But I. I don't think it's that simple. Steve days is very smart guy. But I think that the economy's gonna make a big difference and who the Democrats put up, obviously. But I don't think likeability is all there is to it. These people who said purported to know, what was going to happen a year out to me. That's just folly. You can't the things can change overnight. And we've seen it literally changed overnight. I think we've got to do much better messaging. Going forward and Trump has I wish there was a way that Trump. You could have the good Trump without the bad. Right. When I say the bad Trump. I'm talking about the shooting himself in the foot on certain of his tweets. But but I like a lot of his tweets..

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