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Making sure that healthcare is available. And the other things that we can do lower in gas prices, a dollar 50 a gallon lower than it was. Some time ago, and by the way, for the last 6 months, inflation is actually being gone down every month. So that's the reality as it exists today. Having said that, when anything costs more, it's a problem. But the infrastructure Bill is anti inflationary because the investment is over a long period of time. And although the projects today are affected by it, as inflation ebbs over time, we're going to be able to build more stuff longer. And I'm hoping that in the future, when people see how wonderful this particular thing is and that there really is no Republican or a democratic way to fill a pothole. You just need to get the damn thing filled. Because it's a pain in the butt. Can I say that? If I'm watching, I'm glad I checked before I said it. But what's going to happen is it's going to grow the economy. It's not going to diminish the economy. And so yeah, you concerned about it, but you can't build this thing out of the context of what's going on in the real world in real time. But we think over time is going to ease up because it's a 5, ten year program. And my expectation is if we get this right, this is why it's critically important for all of us to work together. On the one thing that everybody agrees on in this town. Is that Congress will see the benefit of the American people will want more of it and will continue to invest because this is the one thing that's going to put us in a position to win the future. But the 21st century. So since this conversation has gone on, you've gone ticked through a litany of successes, a litany of programs and policies and philosophies of the president that are supposed to nerd to the benefit of the American people.

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