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Ship ever see, it is fantastic. Wow. And it's the QE two. And were you Is that your dog? Yeah. Oh, And is that and show you were on the crossing the shooting? I mean, this must have been incredibly fun to shoot. It was fantastic, right, Dan. I almost start that. Yeah. Yeah, I do it again. And you imagined it right? It was so fast 10 days he shot an entire movie. Wow. I mean, it's pretty good. That's great. We'll be right back with these two living legends. Fabulous. Let's do some. I talked traffic. In the meantime, we're gonna start on 3 94 West found in Golden Valley. A crash between Highway 100 Park Place and 35 W uh, highway to make yourself around a stalled vehicle blocking the lane That's happening in Lauderdale between 35. W in Broadway Avenue, Little Canada and 35 Years South, about a stolen vehicle, blocking the lane between Little Canada Road and Highway 36 near Maple Wood on 61 south, about a crash between Warner Road and Point Douglas Robe. That too, right talk traffic your five eyewitness news Weather forecast from meteorologist Ren Clair today, Sonny 53. Tonight partly cloudy 31 44 partly cloudy tomorrow right now the might talk studios 51 was sunny skies My top 171 Hey, everyone. It's Lori and Julia here for his Lynn Betty Ford Foundation and holidays are a tricky time of the year. Then we add the pandemic on top of it, and we've got people that are worried about Jobs, and there's just been so.

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