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Showers and low temperature of fifty degrees tomorrow slight chance of the morning, otherwise mostly cloudy. Highs will be dropping to the mid forties by the afternoon, and we could see some snow by this next weekend. From your severe weather station. Nine first warning chief meteorologist, Steve Raleigh. News radio. Seven hundred wwl radar shows the showers moving off to the east fifty seven degrees right now. A cool. Rain township officer remains in very critical condition after being struck by a pickup truck on Friday night. Prayer. Vigil will be held tonight for a coal rain township police officer who remains in critical condition today are ministration voting on Springdale road. We'd appreciate anybody who provide stop by. That vigil gets underway at seven thirty officer. Dale woods was at the scene of a car accident Friday night when he was hit by a pickup truck. It was a firefighter with Kaushal Angkorian township dispatcher for him. Okay. Dispatchers? He's he's touched a little bit of all the public safety Roman Hamill county, and he's well known and very well respected by everybody of rain police chief, Mark Denney. There is no word yet on whether the driver of the truck will be facing any charges. Cincinnati police have taken over the investigation. Ricky chain News Radio seven hundred wwl w the city of Cincinnati is looking at more improvements for pedestrian safety near schools. Funding would be needed for more warning lights and crossing guards. A Coleraine township man is facing charges after his one year old daughter apparently died from a drug overdose. Thirty nine year old Anthony Worthington faces child endangering and drug charges is daughter may have gotten into a bag of meth in Miami township Hamilton county, a man is facing cultivation charges effort, a home invasion. Investigators say three men attacked and tied up seventy year old Paul Corrina. Buffalo ridge road in his home. One man was found hiding in a freezer to other. Ran away. Police say corn Hetty pot growing operation in that home. On Wall Street, the Dow gained ninety eight points. Nasdaq added eighty five and the s&p picked up eighteen news is a service of Queen city. Saucy News Radio.

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