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The hearings now just hours away I'm Jack Callahan fox news three house committees investigating president trump for potentially impeachable offenses begin public hearings just a few hours from now house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff will lead the impeachment inquiry hearing in a memo to colleagues he's warned Republicans that the inquiry will not further sham investigations into the Biden's were to bunk conspiracies about twenty sixteen election interference as fox's jerit help room but house minority whip Louisiana congressman Steve Scalise says the hearings are a sham all Democrats are talking about is impeaching the president over some whistle blower that they're hiding from the public they still don't want this was a water come forward who heard something third hand from somebody else about some that didn't even happen ultimately again this was all about with held money that alternately it wasn't what it's William Taylor in George can't will testify today former Ukrainian ambassador Maria you a lot of which will appear Friday more hearing scheduled for next week as well including three witnesses who'd been requested by the Republican testers for and against ending Dhaka outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday while inside the justices heard the legal arguments from the administration that the president is well within his rights to end the program that they believe is illegal yes this cabin I'll put the question directly to the plaintiff's lead attorney quote do you agree that the executive has the legal authority to rescind doc up Ted Olson longtime litigator at the Supreme Court said simply yes which sparks the question what did the administration get wrong in the two memos issued outlining the end of Dhaka critics say they didn't articulate legitimate reasonable grounds for taking the executive action boxes handed Brehm reports a ruling from the High Court is expected in June Asian stocks closing Wednesday lower Dow futures are trading above nearly sixty points lower.

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