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Shuri, American Eagle, Bloomberg discussed on Glenn Beck


Point you stockade forty K. X. N. T. it is and I want to thank so much for joining us on this will end Wednesday and let's look at some of the a political issues just a real quick connected with what's going on senator Dianne Feinstein had originally urged the president you know that when she was trying to block some of the in Vance when they're trying to make on this the third bailout issues right there along with pelo see in the rest of them and now she has decided that she's got a new because Dianne Feinstein California and she is now requesting the president reversed his idea of blocking any kind of aid to Iran and she wants us to be giving the I. M. F. five billion dollars for Iranian aid during this crisis FY I Iran so they don't want our money but she wants an avid anyway instead of us I guess okay well that makes you feel a lot better thank you Diana appreciate that also a yesterday and and in a very insignificant moment Barack Obama endorsed job line for the presidency he came out and said I'm so proud to endorse job under president I'd states choosing Joe to be live vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made he became a close friend and that Shuri became a close friend and sharia doorstep why did he endorse them because everyone else dropped out there was no one left and he had to that was it I mean you know there was no choice anyway he she calls Joe a very impressive guy and I'm not sure that shows even aware that he was endorsed by by Barack Obama he was still kind of in a haze while all this was going on yeah that's what we need Joe Biden at this time good good point okay we got a lot more going on this one doctor and they were choices a little bit former congressman from new York's nineteenth congressional district talking about the coronavirus issue Congress actions and future plans stimulus much much more coming up first CBS news minute and the Bloomberg business minute United we stand that's never been more important than it is today now you can show your commitment to our president and the nation with the limited edition trump twenty twenty American Eagle silver dollars show your support with the limited edition American silver eagles specially priced from government dot com just call one eight hundred eight five nine one six two nine hold the weight of democracy in your hand with new perfect uncirculated condition.

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