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Creighton team the first year we're gonna big east with doug mcdermott that lit us up twice just like this that's why i say when i say i've been on the other side of this trust me in our league i have and creighton with doug mcdermott and gentleman by the name of raggi they lit us up what worse than this twice it's official coach i've seen you play now three times the last two years in a dome and elevated floor and the final four situation you've lifted up three straight times is there a secret no not really hoops just that i think in onen we played in ford field and we didn't get a practice it was the first year they put the field does court in the middle of the field and we didn't get a practice on thursday and when we came to houston they gave us a close practice on thursday and then the open practice on friday and we had thursday friday saturday shooting here and i think it makes a difference it they makes a big difference by saturday you feel comfortable j rey talked about being on the other end of it that was bill self on this night it was a it was a game that that that we knew we'd have to play well and we we would we knew that they would probably have to miss some decent looks but they got anything they wanted early and and then of course they made the most of it dot com down i thought i thought his is good as everybody was i thought spelman pascal kind of set the tone because you know doke was on spelman theory if he could kind of maybe back off of anybody it may be pascale even though he's more than capable of making omen end but i thought they were great that's as good a team as we played against that i can remember and and we didn't we didn't we didn't play very well obviously when we got spread out and our game plan went to crap on how we're going to guard certain actions and we got caught in between and that's the worst thing you can do defense leaves be caught in between so so credit to them the superior team and they were superior obviously handle this today and they'd be hard for anybody to deal with it they shoot.

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