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Reported by Samantha Brown. It was produced by Samantha in. Jay Allison in collaboration with the public radio website, transom dot org for PBS's frontline. The story was produced by Sophie mcken, Sophie is our series producer, Jamie York is our senior producer in our creative director and senior editor is j Allison j also does our audio mixing Andrew Mets is our managing editor Lauren as kin LA is our series story editor Amy gains, associate producer in our special counsel. Is Dale Cohen. Lisa plune helped with the fact checking our interns for the first season. Julia press and Dina Kleiner, thanks to Atlantic public media woods hole. Massachusetts into Melissa Allison music. In this episode comes from stellwagen symphony the frontline dispatches produced W B studios in Boston. Empowered by Pierre ex I'm Rini earns in frontline's, executive producer. And I hope you'll keep listening to the frontline dispatch. Also, check out more of a reporting on juvenile lifers, including our documentary foam, second chance, kids out our website, PBS dot org slash frontline. And please subscribe to the frontline dispatch. So you don't miss our next season. The frontline dispatch is made possible by the Abrahams foundation journalism initiative committed to excellence this episode received additional support from the National Endowment for the arts. Ex..

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