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Man. It's it's just powerful than you wanna move on but you don't want to forget and it's a it's a it's a powerful. It's a painful reminder and the number of children who were young when their fathers died and they went into you know they wanted to be a firefighter after that even know they lost their dad. They wanted to be firefighters but Sixty minutes the entire hour is about that with nine. Eleven and scott pelley did a wonderful job with the interviews. He hosted everything phone calls coming up. Best and worst of the weekend job in north carolina hijo. What's on your mind today. All right is Want to see what you thought about That's the worst of russell wilson. One in twelve thirteen on the east coast and another best was joe. Tori and Bobby valentines first pitch at the yankees. Mets games yeah. We had joe torry on friday. I thought he was wonderful because he talked about nine eleven and just the yankees went to an area where families would gather and waiting to find out if their loved ones. Were still alive. And joe said you know you wanted to help but you thought that you were kind of intruding. And then he said then we had families that just came up and said you know had pictures of of their loved ones that they are waiting to find out. They were still alive at yankee. Hats shirts sweatshirts jerseys and they said that we knew that we could at least help. But i thought. Joe if you miss any interviews on the program you know go to dan. Patrick dot com. That's one of those. I would say listen to it. Because it's twenty years after the fact and you can still hear joe tories voice. Of what role do you play. And you know that night. When then president bush went out there and threw the first pitch and the fact that there was an umpire out there during the first pitch who is a member of the secret service but he's dressed as an umpire and i'd never heard that but i thought joe and bobby valentine thrown out the first pitch is as the Yankees and mets played over the weekend. A mclovin update the poll results. Are we gonna stay with that for the final hour. Why we switched up to. What was the most surprising. Win the flip side of the most disappointing loss. It's actually the texans are leading over the saints for the most surprising win. They looked impressive. I won't say that that just a function of playing a rookie quarterback in a new team are the texans on a little run here. I mean if i'm a texans fan i got. I'm not going to get too excited but you know you. Didn't you want a game. you're going to win. You're going to win a couple of these games. I don't know if you really want to. But the deshaun watson story to me is waiting to be told here because now they're keeping him away from the team and then he's a healthy scratch and crazy. Ample is a horrible win for the texas. You wanna the first pick of the draft. you're blowing already final. Hour coming up heisman trophy winner. Carson palmer will dissect what we saw yesterday close out our two. It's back to school season. And that means it's time for everybody to get plenty of sleep but even more important for the kids going back to school and some tips for parents keep the room cool somewhere between sixty five sixty eight degrees maybe white noise machine or fan or you can call up todd. He'd love to tell you about the broncos win over the new york giants he could put those kids to sleep and it probably take a couple of minutes but not everybody is lucky to have todd in their lives to bore them into a deep slumber. 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