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Lunch and dinner. I would drink genie's coffee. I went from zero caffeine too like seriously overdosing on caffeine. But but just just circling back there were couple of even high school were like a couple of kids that drank caffeine or coffee. But now, it's not just coffee. You know, we could just you know, talk about caffeine. Now, there's energy drinks. You know now kids are inundated with multiple options to get that caffeine, fix and coffee. Coffees a drunk. I mean, it's a it's a drug that I like, you know, and you know, I think the I think the lethal dose you can die from coughing, and it's all nam serious. So you can have a heart access. Yeah. Well, the the the lethal dose of caffeine is roughly a hundred cups of coffee. I mean, if you can drink a hundred cups of coffee in some point your body's just gonna your by just going to give out, and it's also, you know, psychoactive like very high doses. You can start seeing things. Oh, yeah. Sure. Yeah. While I but it is my point is it's a drug. It's a drug of choice. Yeah. Why means those chocolate, I guess, and I dunno food sometimes serves as a drug, but in any case. Yeah, it's an industry that like has you know, like Starbucks. I heard somebody joking one time. They basically took a fifty signed Cup of. Coffee in charge three dollars for it. And just the market exploded. Like people can't wait to pay that money for a Cup of Starbucks Coffee. Which I you know, I it's fine. I it's not like really much better than I don't think anybody else's coffee, particularly, but you know, like all these coffee related products are real. I mean, they're marketed so much towards like high school kids now that I mean, there's a Dunkin donuts right near the high school where I teach the kids can walk to it. And they flocked to it and kids come in every single day with these gigantic cups of ice coffee. They don't drink hot coffee. They all drink iced coffee in. It's like half a gallon of probably kind of watered down ice coffee, which generates so much garbage. That's what kind of annoys me as that. Well, isn't it's also it's like an. I've never had him from Dunkin donuts but have had them from like Starbucks. It's like a like a Frappuccino. Yeah. And it's not just is not just coffee and caffeine. But there's also a fair amount of sugar in their either goes a lot there's a drink at Dunkin donuts sometimes I stop at the one like once a week. I'll stop there and got a breakfast sandwich of a Cup of coffee, and I I was looking at the menu, and they listened the calorie counts there is a drink there. A large coffee something drink Frappuccino. Whatever it is. There are one thousand one hundred and ninety calories in that drink a alone is I'll take three of those. I mean, he's you've just consumed nearly your entire calorie intake for the day in ninety one anything. That's what's crazy. It's like for for like teenagers and kids it really doesn't matter. You basically eat what you want and pretty much burn it off. That's a Suming that you're somewhat active, but if you're an adult, right and your work in, you know, a nine to five job your corporate job. And you're, you know, you're you're you're driving into Dunkin donuts or Starbucks near down in one of these bed, boys. And then you wonder, you know, how you gained thirty pounds. Look it. It's literally you're drinking liquid calories and sugar. I think is is the biggest factor in all that. I mean, they have those monster energy drinks, which are horrifying. There's like sixteen teaspoons of sugar in those cans, and I see kids drinking last year. I actually said to a kid who I liked us. Nice kid, and he would have to sixteen ounce cans of those monster, energy drinks. And I was like man, Michael, please stop drinking those like do you know, how much sugar like I'm not trying to be his dad, but I'm like, oh my God. This is so bad for you. Like a kid out of heart attack, a teenager had a heart attack from drinking like two cans of that stuff. And man there it is. You know? Yeah. I mean, just just to I got a personal story to share. I was I mean, I don't know like a acted to coffee or I wasn't addiction because it was pretty easy to to stop..

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