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So you seem to the stephen a smith show podcast always on that my next guest on the show sorry i didn't tease him appropriately i thought he was coming off fifteen minutes later not 15 minutes earlier but i'm happy to have him whenever i can get him uh executive extraordinaire formally at a buffalo bills in indianapolis colts on now a broadcaster nfl insider a hall of famer the one and only bill polian is on the air with yours truly honor to have you as always sergen i did have no good morning how you doing good clear in amy nice to be with you thank you so much let let's get right to it i i started off the show uh the you know vents venting a little bit of bill complaining about thursday night football because i've never been a fan of it sean mcmanus sports warsaw what chairman for cbs uh talked about how thursday night football may have the may be contributing to the decline in nfl ratings what do you make of that i think you to statement that um everybody ought to pay attention to uh you know in every sport um throughout history in our country you can reach saturation coyne he can reach a tipping point where people say well it is no longer important for me to watch and one of the things that so great about the national football league is that it's a scarcity of product you know people play every sunday every monday and then it's gone for the better part of a week now we've taken thursday and star gary sorta shoehorned it in there.

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