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To the count to know. But Not quite what Arizona State had in mind coming home to you. You see a way to close the Syriza and the Bruins closing in on a sweep, which would leave the Sun Devils at 16 and 14. And it's very tied with the Beavers in the Pac 12 Standard. Small Holland's Tuo pitch a strike The count two on one. While Arizona State and some ranking services at number 21 in the country at 38, the R P I, whereas the Beavers Opened the day today at number 24. The pitch on the way pulled foul deep in the left field corner. And the count to Nick Bruiser, two balls and two strikes with two outs and nobody on bottom of the eighth. The Beavers leading 8 to 1. Mm hmm. All all in back to the plate, The 22 pitch is hooked again. Foul down the left field line into the Beavers bullpen. Very quiet. And a little used pen over the weekend. Kevin able, the Beaver's first complete game of 2021 in the opener on Thursday. Beavers did have a little bit more going on yesterday, but a number of guys that normally pitch on the weekends didn't This weekend, the pitch to Bruiser a fly ball to straightaway center Justin Boy goes back on it pulls it in. And Jake Mulholland is retired all four cardinal hitter that he's faced. Stanford gone in order. We go to the ninth that sunken Diamond, the Beavers eight, Stanford one.

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