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Nigel. He believes his characters weirdos Todd. Ninety-three WIBC. Well, kind of a stunner for Republicans hammer Representative Susan Brooks retiring not going to seek reelection next year. She re represents the fifth district. Maryanne Carmel Noblesville Anderson Fisher's few parts of Kokomo there anywhere there is a roundabout she's probably in charge. Yeah. She did a the GOP kinda christened her. She was the one that was going to lead the charge for, for recruitment and try to try to get back some of the majority. Yeah. And it sounds like she's just had enough. She released a statement to the USA today. Quote, while it may not be time for the party. It's time for me, personally, this really is not about the party if not about the politics, it's just about how do I spend the next chapter of my life? So listen, she tried to run for governor. I believe back in sixteen. There wasn't a lot of interest going on there. It wasn't going to happen for her there. So I see a lot of people suggesting maybe she's interested in the governor's gig. I think she's interested in making money going back to the private sector. She's also been feel like she's been a leading the charge devastated advocate for wanting to help get Republican women elected. The house right now. She's one of just thirteen Republican women in the house. She said this has nothing to do with Donald Trump nothing to do with Mike Pence and nothing to do with politics. This was a personal decision and already this was an area where the Dem's in Indiana felt, they could gain some ground. Because if you talk to some people, they say, she's been kind of laying the groundwork for getting out of this gig for while most of us all this, as a surprise, but those who are on the inside, say L, there have been some hints, some signs along the way. And this is an area again, around Carmel Hamilton county. The Democrats feel like they can hijack that fifth district. Now had a chance to speak with Abdul earlier Abdul. He's pretty connected. And I asked him who are some of the names, we keep hearing that could possibly take the place of Susan Brooks? And the first thing he told me was the surgeon, general of the United States. Dr Jerome Adams. This is a guy from Indiana. He's a conservative. He's a Trump supporter. He's a doctor. He's a black guy, he checks, a lot of boxes that was Abdul takeaway on who would be the best suited to take Susan Brooks spot. But he did say that big black heads dual said, daffodils identity politics man, we can laugh at it, but it's a thing reading here. Maybe her chief of staff. Megan savage is possibly interested in that role employees twenty as well Michael McQuillan, the city county councillor another name. That's came up Abdul did say that he's going to have an in-depth breakdown on his cheek sheet at Indy politics dot org next week. So if you want to follow along on see, what may be next in the story about Susan Brooks are pal Abdul got you covered now earlier today, the birthday boy, number forty five celebrating seventy three years, Donald Trump called into FOX and friends and had quite a bit to say about us all. Powell Nancy Pelosi? Listen here as you're going to hear Nancy Pelosi first and then the president sharing his thoughts afterward. I believe that he has been involved in a criminal cover up a fascist statement. It's a disgraceful statement. I call it nervous nasty nervous wreck. For her to make a statement like that is outrageous. Her party got caught spying. I mean if you look at what happened Hillary Clinton with the money that ultimately, went to Russia for the fake that total fake pile is stuff that money gets paid. And by the way, the amount of money that was paid. That was paid by Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and it went to Russia. That's the criminal. But when Nancy Pelosi makes a statement like that, Hugh ought to be ashamed of herself. It's a disgrace, and what cracks me up Niger's on Twitter at hammer and Nigel. We get a lot of trolls, and people that come at us, and anybody that's butthurt about this story about Donald Trump saying, well, maybe I'll listen to some foreign Intel, maybe I won't if you're upset about that in any way you gotta look at the mirror. If you supported Hillary Clinton, you absolutely have to because innocence, it's the same thing except one person actually paid for the crime. Yes, she sought it out. She solicited. Donald Trump's only talking about it and they were accusing him of treason yesterday. Talk about something they're ready to burn you at the state's good. The finally see Trump fighting back against Pelosi. And you could just tell he's handed up to here with her ever since. She did the cover up that clip that you just played out. It's a cover up that was all kind of happened before the big infrastructure face to face meeting. And that's where Trump just walked out and said, yeah, I'd had enough gloves off. All right. So let's play a little guessing game here. Ni- J. No, you haven't heard this next clip. So the president in his interview of FOX and friends was talking about how crooked the investigators are, including Andrew McCabe, so at any point in the sound bite. Do you think Donald Trump's gonna go off on a tangent and talk about struck and page and use the term the lovers because I know you love it when he refers to them as the lovers usually when you start going down talking about McCabe. Yeah. That's that's follow. Komi maybe me you'll get a mention here. Strock page. Sure. Now will he use the lovers? I haven't heard the clips on. An answer. Yes or. No. Are we going to hear a love of? Yes. Yes, Kyle go ahead of the for a campaign to hire a law firm, an American law firm, who then turns around and hires an American research company who then contracts out with a foreign individual. That is not illegal Anne McCabe is a disaster. Andy McCabe with what we have, and with what he said, and with the lies and cover ups and all of the leaking and all of the things, and, and the straw and the page who report, you know, struck and his lover.

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