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Top to bottom more effective. A recent episode focused on new belgium brewing accompany that needed to move away from paper based process as they grew having a second brewing facility coming online so they needed to be able to digitise a lot of their workflow and this episode that came out the end of april really gets into all of that very fascinating to hear about how a company manages these things as they grow to go and listen to it. Now just searched for the wherever you get your shows. That's i n. t. r. a. z. O. n. e. or click the link in the show notes to go. Check it out. Our thanks to the zone by microsoft share point for the support of the show and laugh them that really shows how simple Simple these things can be. And i think that includes how we how we get to them so when we started that example it was a A action and i want to kind of move us into the the realm of services a little bit because services are i. Guess a a subcategory of automation on the mac. Where again going back to the idea of the point of your somewhere in finding or someone and application and you can select service that works with the the type of input type of input. You're giving it one of the things. Automated can do is create services. And i did. There was to put that power in the hands of users. But they're also are mac services that are donated by applications completely separate of automated her an owner. If you could explain the sort of the relationship between the automaker world and the world of services a little bit so that's great observation. The original architecture that apple inherited when they got next had services architecture. And it's basically the same concept that they use for system extensions today were an application can say you know my my whole function is i do this. Amazing stuff to data. And it's a shame that it's icon. Do it in my application. I can publish this functionality so that other apps can take advantage of it in their app and the ritual services architecture application declares that it has the ability to handle this data type A particular data type like text or image data or whatever it is and because it advertises that it would become available in the services menu. So that in for example. I in our example of sorting tech's off medically if you're apple is a text manipulation app then you could declare that. This is the kind of thing that i can do. And then the other app when you're in the selection all of those services that are published by the other apps and the operating system appear there. And what happens is that the selection gets passed to the application. That's going to do the work. The application process it and then handed back to the host application which then uses that Manipulated data and that's pretty much what they do with the extension architecture right now. It's a variation of the service original services architecture so it was easy for us to fit this whole concept of of functionality in with the existing and live in their world and then organize the menu. So that you as a user you didn't realize which type of service you were using but it doesn't make a difference to you. You just want results. So the differences that the application Does the work itself rather than an action. Which has its own code doe doing the work okay and this is like this massive list of services that are app donated. I think a lot of users don't even realize exists and part of the problem with that is the location. You gotta go to menu bar. And i'm sorry you had to go the preferences in the keyboard and then what is it. It's like when the sub menus shortcuts and services. You got to like really drill into the preferences to get to this list but once you get there you find this big list of services in some of which you may want to turn off like you know chinese writing which i. I don't speak chinese. So that's no houston but but there's others you want to turn on and right in that menu. You can add keyboard shortcuts for them as well so you can get those services right under a keyboard shortcut. Oh yeah and if you if you use a lot of times third party. Applications published services that. You're not aware that they do for example. If you have it if you have drafts or bear.

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