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You can say something is very high on the ob. Ps and be very satisfied with the fact that you and whoever you're speaking to understand that and the person you're talking about will not. They will be excluded which is also a form of bs From the study but success had an existential crisis. And every time i brought this up people go like midlife. I think i've actually had by midlife crisis. Already i think i'm okay with my age in The inevitability of death. But i think that actually does play into this where i've accepted that. I'm gonna die in not that fussed about it. But i got kids. So nineteen seventy. There was an environmental report written. Just talking about the environmental impact of humanity and it was revisited this year. Twenty twenty twenty twenty one wildfires. We have the typhoons and hurricanes. We have anomalies we have re Ice polar caps melting we have Water levels rising all this kind of stuff. The nineteen seventy report is eerily accurate as to what those effects we're going to be and so it is saying all it predicted all the stuff that's happening right now accurately and that's the scary part so they knew this was coming. Scientists just did like a model like this will happen. This will happen. This will happen. This will happen thing that got me is in the report. It said in twenty forty if things do not chain by things not change before twenty forty. That is when we will have societal collapse so basically society as we know it will no longer exist and then i started thinking about like i twenty forty twenty years from now. I'm going to be seventy seventy something. I i'm pretty much done anyways. I'm not that worried about it because no one's gonna care about me and i won't be having an impact on the world anymore. I don't believe although the mayor of nagoya who bit that ladies Gold medal and got in trouble and had to pay one point five million yen. He's seventy two so. I guess i could still be having an impact. I don't think it'll be the mayor of nagoya. I wouldn't want to be the maryland. Nagoya and i mean though is if my life ended at that point it would not be a big deal but my kids would be in their prime. And that's when i started like i literally lost sleep over.

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