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Said. The King Soopers locations in the region. The Clark and Recorders office is those who are unable to complete transactions will be provided a letter they can keep in their vehicles. That letter request leniency from law enforcement but does not guarantee a ticket won't be handed out. Chad Hoffman care way news Radio. Another Colorado congressman has covered 19 Congressman Doug Lamborn says he has tested positive for the virus a day after Congressman Ed Perlmutter said he had coronavirus. Land born is isolating at his home in Colorado Springs and has mild symptoms. He hopes to return to a normal schedule Soon. Perlmutter is in quarantine at his home in Washington, D. C. Colorado's top health officials continue to discourage people from gathering with people outside of their own family for Thanksgiving. Fox 30 one's Rachel skied. It has details. Data helps us understand why scientists and local leaders are urging us to celebrate the holidays differently this time. According to the state, one in 64, people just in Denver is contagious with covert 19 statewide. It's estimated one out of every 110 people. The risk looks even worse, according to a new tool from Georgia Tech that uses local data to estimate the cove in 19 risk at gatherings based on their size, the study assumes there are five times more cases than are being reported. Based on data and testing rates at a gathering of 10 people in Denver, there's an estimated 35% chance one person And has Copan 19 at five more people to the gathering and the risk jumps to 47% guidance from the CDC says people shouldn't go to holiday gatherings if they have coded symptoms are waiting on a covert test are at risk of severe illness from Copan 19 or if they may have been exposed to the virus in the last two weeks. Dr. Lisa Miller, a professor of epidemiology says Knowing whether you've been exposed is more difficult now than ever before. A lot of the spread of covert 19 occurs either before people get sick. Or from people who are never going to get sick. So again, it's just this invisible risk that it's hard to see right now is definitely there. Dr. Miller wants to remind people. Not all the risk comes from the gathering itself. It's also about what happens before the gathering, how you're behaving who you're with and how you're traveling to get there can make a big difference. This Fox 30 one's Rachel Sky to reporting Coronavirus sacking college football for a second straight week, at least 14 games have been canceled or postponed because of respiratory because it deals this latest games to call a time out our Texas taking on Kansas State, you know V against CSU. Other schools not taking the field this week include Texas A and M Old, Miss Miami and Georgia Tech. The coronavirus also forced double digits games to not be played last week as well. See you're not playing CSU not playing. Let's get them together on the field this weekend. How about that? The upcoming Wonder Woman sequel is coming to a theater and couch well near you. Have you ever been in love A long, long time ago in a bold move by Warner Brothers Studios, releasing the repeatedly delayed sequel, Wonder Woman, 1984 on Christmas Day simultaneously in theaters and streaming on HBO. Max. No film of this size has ever been released in theaters and at home on the same day, one of others, hoping the move will help turn HBO Max into a must have subscription. While giving theaters badly needed content and at the same time, possibly giving up a huge payday. The first film made over $400 million in the US, The at home release will cut into that box office big time. Jason Nathan's an ABC News Hollywood.

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